Desert Safari Dubai | Things to Do in Dubai Desert


Get your heart racing by balancing on the brink of cliffs, plunging down sandy slopes, then climbing back up for more excitement. Tour firm The Adventure Planet offers Desert Safari Dubai trips that include pauses for taking pictures of the setting sun before whisking guests away to a Bedouin tent for a traditional meal beneath the stars.

The desert is a vast amusement park with plenty of sand dunes for sandboarding (a must for camel riders). On Desert Safari Dubai Tour, you come by about two in the afternoon, you’ll be pleasantly delighted to discover that Desert is cooler here than where you’re staying. 

There is a lot to do in the desert of Dubai. Don’t leave until the night’s entertainment, whether it’s a belly dancer or a fire eater.  Buffet supper on the beach, complete with extra-large sofas for lounging.  Relax and take in the desert in all of its glory.

Top Activities to Do in Desert Safari Dubai

  • A dune- Bashing Adventure,
  • Travel by camel, equestrian adventure
  • View the sunset,
  • To Go Sandboarding or Sand Skiing
  • Recreational Camp Activities
    • Live Performances,
    • Evening Meal Platter (BBQ),
    • Falconry
    • Body Art: Henna Tattoo
    • Dresses Common in Arab Countries
  • Trekking and Stargazing for the Night

A Dune- Bashing Adventure

The feelings you experience when you launch yourself from the peak of a dune and careen down its steep, unstable slopes of sand are ones you will never forget. You will be so shocked by the driver’s talent that your heart will skip a beat and your emotions will fluctuate wildly. 

You’ll have to cling to your seat as you careen across sand dunes and try to avoid serious injury when your wheels spin out of high-speed troughs in the sand.  Nonetheless, safety should be a top priority on any desert expedition. Taking a trip like that with a novice driver is risky.

Wearing a seat belt is only one example of the fundamental regulations you should follow. Desert Safari Dubai often include driving around in an SUV. Tire pressure reduces to a certain level to allow maximum glide mobility over the dunes, and safety equipment installs in the vehicles to prevent accidents. When you book a desert safari with a reputable provider, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Travel by camel, equestrian adventure (Camel Ride)

While driving a 4×4 over sand dunes gives you an adrenaline rush, riding a camel is a calmer alternative. With this great chance, you can combine the best parts of both worlds. After Dune Bashing, you will go to a real Bedouin encampment where you can do a lot of fun things. 

You can go quad biking or sandboarding if you want to do something exciting. You could also try riding a camel. See the beauty of a sunrise or how the colors change at dusk. After your ride, you can try henna tattoos and hookah when you return to camp. The tasty dinner buffet is one of the best parts of the desert safari. 

Some facts about the camel

  • Most of the time, camels are calm.
  • Some evidence suggests that camels can carry up to 80 pounds of fat.
  • Camels won’t get humps until they start eating solid food as babies.
  • Their feet helps in a way that keeps them from getting stuck in the sand.
  • Sand doesn’t get in their eyes because of their long, thick eyelashes.

Sunrise and Sunset Adventure

Sun Rising Adventure:

How most things work?

We’ll pick you up from your hotel early in the morning so you can start your trip. The first and most crucial pleasure will be the beautiful dawn. If you don’t love the desert already, you will go after this trip. 

We will also let you do fun things like dune bashing. We’ll help you get the best pictures of today’s desert adventure in exchange for your camera. You won’t enjoy a day in the desert any more than this. We promise a morning desert safari that is both relaxing and exciting and is like nothing else.

Extra Details

  • When you make a reservation, you’ll get a confirmation email.
  • Wheelchair users cannot get there.
  • Those with back problems should stay away.
  • Avoid it when you’re pregnant.
  • No major health problems, like heart disease.
  • Most people on vacation may join in the fun.
  • This tour or event is open to up to 15 people.

Sun Set Adventure

A desert safari in Dubai at sunset is an unforgettable adventure. Keep your camera ready and loaded as the red ball sinks behind the shady dunes so you can get the best pictures of the beautiful sunset.

ATV Quad Bike a Thrilling Adventure

You don’t need to look for somewhere to go quad-riding in Dubai. When you see how big the deserts are, it might make your heart beat faster. Even if you try, you can’t find a better place to ride a quad bike. You can easily ride a quad bike across the desert and up the sand dunes.  In the Dubai desert, it’s the most popular thing to do. 

If you go to the desert, you’ll see a lot of motorcycles racing through the sand dunes. A quad-riding trip could be part of a desert safari for the more daring motorcyclists. A quad bike is a best and safest way to get around the dunes. The four wheels make it more stable, which is a big plus.

A ride on a quad in the desert could happen in the morning or the evening. The desert feels very different at dawn and nightfall, but both times are beautiful. Book a desert safari if you want to check out the sights and sounds first thing in the morning. Fewer people are in the desert now, so you can ride wherever you want.

Tips for people who ride quad bikes

  • Weather: The weather in Dubai can be both bad and excellent. During the summer, going out in the middle of the day might seem like a punishment. Make sure you’re ready for outdoor activities if you’re going to visit in the summer and don’t want to miss out.
  • Put on lots of sunscreens, wear sunglasses, and dress in layers to protect yourself from the sun. In the same way, it’s essential to drink water when you’re out in the hot desert. But it’s likely to be cold in the winter. Then you should bundle up because the desert is cold.
  • Budget: Instead, people can buy a package deal that lets them do a number of desert activities without breaking the bank.
  • Safety: Keeping a comfortable level of safety is the most important thing to do when trying new things. Don’t risk anything. Also, if you break the law, there could be severe consequences. Be a good person wherever you go, and you’ll have a great time and stay safe.


Desert safaris in Dubai often offer quad riding as an extra. There are shops all over the desert where you can rent quad bikes if you want to try them. Average service costs between AED 200 and AED 250 for twenty minutes.


This is the kind of trip that feels like a real adventure. In Dubai, sandboarding and dune surfing may be done in casual attire. Since you’ll be sweating a lot and getting sandy, you probably shouldn’t wear your best clothes (probably a lot).

Wear white or something light. This is good advice not only for the desert but also for all of Dubai. Also, sunglasses are a great idea.

Even though sandboarding is a lot of fun, it is not a good enough reason to spend a day in the desert. A Desert Safari Dubai that includes a night under the stars can be a truly unforgettable experience.

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