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Top 5 Exciting Places to Visit in Atlanta

Traveling to Atlanta? The city offers Southern hospitality and traditional charms which you can capture here. Apart from these, there are attractive skyline vistas, museums, music, and sports to enjoy here. The city offers the best of the olde-worlde South and myriad terrific things which you can explore. Being a top travel destination, the city is packed with several outstanding attractions to watch. 

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1. National Center for Civil and Human Rights 

This fascinating attraction is a bridge between the American Civil Rights Movement and the global human rights efforts and social justice programs of the current day. Come to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to sightsee Atlanta. It was originated in 2007 by well-known civil rights activists. You must know the aim that was to provide a safe and comfortable space where people can learn more about the basic rights of all.

2. Georgia Aquarium is an awesome place to visit in Atlanta with kids!

If visiting the city with kids, then don’t forget to hop into the biggest aquarium in the world. The famous huge Georgia Aquarium is home to aquatic life, with huge creatures big and small from both saltwater and freshwater. The aquarium is a famous attraction for couples and friends when they travel to Atlanta.

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3. Stone Mountain Park offers the nicer places in Atlanta to sightsee!

This superb park is standing at almost 515 meters (1,690 feet) tall. A lot of people visit Stone Mountain which is a gigantic quartz dome boasting one of the world’s biggest bas-relief carvings. Know the surrounding area of the rock loaded with rich geology, diverse (and controversial) history, and diverse activities.

4. Millennium Gate is the most underrated place to see in Atlanta

One of the most charming sites to adore is the Millennium Gate. The gate feature in local destination recommendations in the city. This famous attraction has been designed after the Arch of Titus, a monumental archway in Rome. This gate has been constructed around the 1st century AD, which honors peaceful accomplishments. 

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5. Oakland Cemetery – A nice quiet place to see in Atlanta

Rush to the Victorian-style Oakland Cemetery that was founded in 1850. This attraction in Atlanta is known as Atlanta Cemetery. At this place, you will find a large number of oak trees that used to grow in the surroundings. Above all, the biggest garden cemeteries in Atlanta, which are the most historical pieces of land in the city, can be found here.

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