Best Things to do in Pasto

If you haven’t toured the San Juan de Pasto, then come here for a weekend to discover the beauty of the city. also, called the “Pasto,” the city serves to be the capital of the Nariño Department of Colombia. The city is located in the southwestern portion of the country. 

In this city, you will find volcanoes, crater lakes, stunning canyons, and the most beautiful La Laguna de la Cocha to explore with Avianca Airlines Booking.

Take a tour of the best things to do in Pasto:

1. La Laguna de la Cocha

This spot is surrounded by rolling green mountains and Andean meadows. Come to this village of El Encino located on the shores of the lake. At this place, you can find a community of around 200 families and restaurants serving up the local specialty. The center has served creamy, grilled, with garlic sauce, etc. alongside a beer. So, don’t miss this chance to wander through the town’s colorful Swiss-style wooden houses.

2. Carnaval de Blancos y Negros

This Carnaval is a celebration dating back to the few days under Spanish rule each year when slaves were given the day off to celebrate. However, this Carnaval has now become a celebration of the multicultural community, tolerance, and mutual respect for this city and country. During this festival, people enjoy throwing water at each other, homes, and anything on the streets

Enjoy many festivities that begin with the Carnival of Water with Avianca Airlines Tickets. 

3. Santuario Las Lajas

This attraction is one of the most iconic churches in the country. Famous as the Lady of LasLajas, this church is located right next to the Rio Guaitara canyon. You must arrive via teleférico for the best views and photos of this church. This church was built in a fairytale Neo-Gothic style on the site of a supposed miracle. In addition, there are gift shops and restaurants that line the path down the valley. The traveller would get entry free. 

4. Museo Del Carnaval

This museum is though small, however, here you can know about the history and evolution of the carnival. Make a tour of this museum to see lots of things from prior carnavales. This museum also has some exhibits that include past winners of the float contest. Also, capture their giant colorful faces and painted wooden figures.

Visitors come here for photographs and bright costumes that are on display in full swing with Avianca Airlines Flights.

5. Centro Historico

Come to this center to wander through the city’s main square. The famous attraction the Plaza de Nariño is a place with lots of pigeons and a statue of the man himself, Antonio Nariño. This statue is an important figure in Colombia’s fight for independence. Also, find the nearby yellow government building that is also named after him. Have a great day here with ice cream and some snack items!

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