Top 5 Cycling Holidays

Want to try something challenging in life? Why not opt for cycling holidays in some of the offbeat destinations. Right from riding through the zigzag terrain of Dolomites to crossing the dense woods of Burma, you have no idea how exhilarating the entire experience can be! Take a look below at the top 5 cycling destinations that you must cover.

Cycling In The Dolomites– If you are not a big fan of cycling through the flat surfaces, Dolomites cycling should be your choice. It comes with some of the surprising upward climbs, followed by slithering downward slopes; this place lets you enjoy the mesmerising views of the mountains, meadows, grasslands and valleys. May to October is considered the best month to go for such trips. You will find accommodations and eateries in the sprung up ski resorts in different locations.

Pedalling Through Peru– During this cycling adventure, explore the striking Inca sites of South America and pedal through artist and fisherman hangouts, witnessing the impressive sights of the Pacific coastline. In the end, do not forget to pay a visit to Machu Picchu, which is one of the drawcards of South America.

See Enigmatic Burma In A Cycle– If you are looking forward to exploring Myanmar, nothing can beat the option of a bike. From soft terrain to an abundance of local attractions and temple-dotted jungles, there is a lot to see in this destination. From tours through the jungles to Mount Popa to discovering Buddha effigies in the limestone caves, Myanmar enriches your knowledge in myriad ways.

Mountain Biking In Kazakhstan– To unmask the beauty of Kazakhstan, you need to choose mountain biking or cycling. Starting from the Tian Shan, you will be left awe-struck when you encounter mixed roads. The harsh gravel roads form gateways to open meadows, helping you to encounter with the nomadic shepherds. Charyn Canyon, Lake Tuzkol, Keygen Plateau and Altyn-Emel National Park are some of the spectacular places that you are going to visit during this expedition.

Cycling In Jebel SahroРThis classic cycling holiday will take you from the High Atlas covered in thick sheets of snow to Sahara’s arid sand dunes. Jebel Sahro offers a perfect climate to carry on such a mission in warmer months. Initiating the journey from Todra Gorge, you will gradually ascend to a rural mountain area and cross the Tamtattouchte Pass. Eventually, you will head to the striking Dades Valley, followed by Boumalne Dades and Zagora town, etched on the edge of Sahara.

Sounds fun, right? Whether you opt for DIY Dolomites cycling vacation or a customised mountain biking package in Kazakhstan, you are going to have a lifetime experience. Stop whatever you are doing and plan a cycling holiday now!

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