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Top 3 Challenges In Amazon Product Listing Optimization Tasks

Amazon is one of the biggest and favorite eCommerce business platforms among sellers and consumers. The platform saw enormous growth over the last several years. As per reports, the eCommerce platform has grabbed almost 44% of eCommerce sales in the year 2017. Not just in the US, but in India, the platform is performing really well.

But since its inception and instead of providing immense opportunities, at Amazon, sellers also face many major challenges. Let’s take a dive on the top 3 challenges in Amazon product listing optimization.

  1. Complex Amazon

There are several things that a seller needs to know or learn in detail such as shipping options, return policies, FBA logistics, tax set up, re-negotiating fees, MAP issues, duplicate listings, reviews management, buy box competition and more. Success on Amazon highly requires professional product upload service experts to provide a healthy, progressive and ROI based program.

Solution: Amazon is a great platform for those who understand it. One can truly capitalize it by taking advantage of several Amazon offers such as Amazon’s Boost with FBA event, YouTube Seller Education channel and etc.

  1. No Guaranteed Profit Or Return

The profit and returns or ROI of the company on the Amazon platform highly depends on the category of product, sales structure, shipping costs, margins and number of competitions. The analyzing of profit and return on investment accurately in Amazon investment is highly challenging. Another loophole in Amazon’s profit and sales structure is that the results are not much relied on by the sellers. They don’t know if they are really in the profit or not.

If you’re running Amazon product advertisements and also a hybrid program between 3P and 1P, you have to download reports as well from various interfaces. Also, need to merge the reports to have a deep insight into the complete profit and return.

Solution: Always opt for best and reputed online Amazon product listing optimisation Services Company to pull in your data and help you analyze your profit and return through Amazon in a useful way. A professional company will use a vehement Amazon is reporting tool to pull in product margins and show sales performance across advertising campaigns and both 1P and 3P. This will not only help you to examine the minute details of business where you can earn a scope to earn profit but also help you to understand category research.

  1. Enormous Competition

In a huge eCommerce marketplace like Amazon, the cutthroat competition among thousands of sellers, selling the same product is very usual but hassle-full as well. For instance, the electronic market in Amazon is quite saturated and making it sticky menu hard for any electronic based seller to start its business there or expect early returns from the business.

Solution: The Amazon product optimization experts make sure that your product is getting a higher rank on the search result page with the help of potential keywords. The professional can also place advertisements with niche keywords and also long tail keywords to cannibalize their traffic.

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