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Top 5 factors you should consider before buying a beach property in Costa Rica

What comes in your mind when you think about living a luxury life? We all have different preferences and expectation from our lives. Imagine having a lot of money, more than Bill Gates. You will love to have a collection of super luxury cars or a chain of 7-star hotels and you will also look for the best beach property for sale in Costa Rica. A life without a big beachside house does not qualify as a luxury life. Costa Rica has a coastline spanning over thousands of kilometers. Guanacaste Costa Rica real estate is one of the fastest growing markets in the region. If you have money to pay, you can easily find a luxury property for sale in Costa Rica.

Whether you are willing to buy a luxury home at a seaside location for yourself or you want to rent out, investing in the best beach property for sale in Costa Rica is really a great idea. You can rent out your beachside luxury home during summer. It will be a great revenue-generating source.

However, when you are buying a beachside home, make sure that you can meet your investment goals. So, you have to consider a lot of factors. Some of the most important factors are:

  • Location
  • Keep it close to the seas
  • Bedroom galore
  • Be prepared for renovation
  • Keep it climate controlled


If you are planning to rent out your beachside property, you have to attract holiday-seekers round the year. So, look for beach property for sale in Costa Rica that is closest to the spots attracting the maximum tourists. However, it does not mean that you should be ready to pay top dollars. You can find a property for sale in the closest neighborhood. You can save a decent amount of money and buy a property offering the best seaside experience. You can get decent capital gains. Buy a property whose value is expected to increase in the near future. So, buy the property at the right location.

Keep it close to the seas

If you have made your mind to buy a luxury house near a beach, make sure that it is closer to the sea. Your property will be in the best vacationer’s check-lists. So purchase a property that is at a walking distance from the beach. More the property should be easy to reach.

Bedrooms galore

People usually visit beaches and other tourist spots with their families. These are the places where they create and capture some of the most beautiful moments of life. Make sure that there are multiple bedrooms in your beachside property so that every vacationer or couple can live in a separate bedroom. Having more bedrooms means more guests and more money.

Be prepared for renovations

When you have already done some research, you know it very well that most of the beachside homes are slightly older. Some of these properties are built in the 80s and even in 70s. Therefore, you need to buy a property with a solid foundation and structure. Moreover, properties closer to the sea are more prone to corrosion and some other damages. So, don’t forget to work on the renovation of the property.

Keep it climate controlled

Make sure that your beachside home is climate controlled especially when you want to attract vacationers.

Give serious considerations to these factors before you start looking for beach property for sale in Costa Rica.

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