South America – A desire of every Soul Wanderer!

Under the bright sun and crescent moon; you will not believe there is immense glory hidden on this planet.  South America has wholesome goodness of lakes, glaciers, mountains, active volcanoes and panoramic sunsets that fills the heart with happiness. The huge wealth of man made places in the continent of South America is phenomenal and charismatically pulls every traveler towards it.  The luxuries are totally unforgettable and most distinguished spots here are:-

Buenos Aires

 The places perfectly trance you to another level with its magnificent perseverance of architecture and scenic beauty. Right from socialite shopper to solitude adventure traveler; the place easily fits everyone needs. You are free to choose and loosen yourself at ice cliffs and witness the beauty of icebergs at Perito Moreno Glacier or simply sign in for the boat ride to Victoria Lake.

 Angel Falls, Venezuela

This spot is one of the finest marvels on earth. Seeing this falls from the height is simply an experience that is worth to cherish. Reputed tour operators in South America packages plan systematic itineraries and provide complete contentment of the trip.

Hiking in Patagonia

United by Argentina and Chile; every experience is truly here to give that perfect spellbound feeling. The world’s largest charismatic scenic spot is promising to keep this place on the top of your bucket list. In Patagonia holidays this exciting thing is worthy and you just can’t afford to miss this.

Mount Fitz Roy in EL Chalten

 Come here to witness the beauty of blue glaciers lake. Adventure seekers here do get immense options of trekking and witness the amazing scenic views.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

 If you love to shake your leg on music then this place hosts a lot of live events especially on Sundays. Moreover, this spot is ideal to take back goodies at home.

Manu National Park

 In regions of Madre de Dios and Cusco this place has maintained its eco forests. With 2 million hectares; the natural surprises are truly guaranteed. The place is home for more than 1000 species of birds, 1300 types of butterflies. Far away from the civilization you could also spot in the beautiful Lake Salvador, take a night walk and much more. Systematic arrangements in Peru Tours will surely make your holidays the most promising.

Perito Moreno Glacier

The place is strategically situated just 80 km away from the town of El Calafate. Marvelous beauty appeals to our heart in minutes. Excitement increases when you witness the big iceberg breaking and getting toppled on the lake. This place is perfect to fill your heart with joy.

Magadelena Island

Equidistant between the Chilean mainland and Tierra del Fuego, the place is home to more than lakh Magellan Penguins. Witness the beauty of male penguins being larger than female penguins and all of them walking together in a group. When you sign up for the Patagonia Cruise tour you will be surely fascinated with its uniqueness.

El Chalten

This place charismatically offers a high-end hiking experience. Immense options are available from easy to difficult hiking trails.

Iguazu falls

 Crowning the glory of being the largest waterfall systems in the world; this place never fails to excite its onlookers. Special walkways made here give an enchanting chance to have a close look of this place.

Every second spent here in South America is worth to give you a free bird like experience. South America is truly heaven on the earth and reserves treasures of gorgeous sceneries of iceberg melting down, witnessing largest waterfalls, exploring wildlife habitat or lacs of dolphins walking on the island.

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