Travel Hotspots For Canadian Explorers

If you’re looking for adventure in the great north lands, Canada has plenty to offer.  You won’t find a lull in your journey, even when there’s nothing for miles around.  Plan to drive through Canada, as you’ll gain a more organic experience. 

Make sure safety rules the roost on your exploratory road trip, and keep your eyes fastened on the road.  The wildlife is much more likely to be the cause of a car accident in Canada than another driver. 

If you’re looking to go big on your road trip

If you really want to see all of Canada, the closest thing to it is to travel the Trans-Canadian Highway.  Coast to coast, you’ll cover nearly 8,000 miles, so plan for this trip to take a while. 

You’ll need to take a sabbatical to get through this exploratory adventure.  You’ll never truly grasp the heart of Canada until you witness, firsthand, the vast transformation of the landscape from one coast to the other. 

Be conservative and take the Cabot Trail

Head to Nova Scotia to find the Cabot Trail.  The route is a modest 186 miles (300 km) of coastline with breathtaking ocean views that run the distance of the route. 

You can also step away from your vehicle for an excellent hike along the Skyline Trail.  You’ll experience a unique culture along your route and exquisite artisan expressions found nowhere else in the world. 

Take a drive around the Okanagan Valley

If you enjoy good food, then the journey around the Okanagan Valley will prove to be quite rewarding.  There’s an array of award-winning wineries and fresh “farm-to-table” restaurants around the area, so you won’t go without food and libations. 

Check out Davidson Orchard if you’re traveling with the whole family for some G-rated fun everyone can enjoy.  Go on an apple-picking quest with the kids, and taste the spoils of your labor. 

Mosey along the country routes of Quebec

If you want to get acquainted with the history of Canada, you’ll want to travel along the country routes of Quebec.  You can take all of them in one long road trip, but you may want to chop this route up a bit to leave room for appreciation and indulgence. 

Delve into the specifics of each route, and discover a new theme each time.  The Whale Route offers the chance to spot whales off the coast. 

You can’t explore Canada without Vancouver Island

One of the most aesthetically appealing islands in the giant country, Vancouver Island will not be denied your travel interest.  If you have an itch for fine wine, there are plenty of orchards and wineries around Cowichan Valley. 

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