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The struggles of being an author: How to Get That Assignment Done?

Are you an author by profession and facing quite a lot of struggles? Every profession comes with its fair share of struggles and issues and you cannot underestimate any profession no matter how easy it may seem on the outside. The truth is that working for/on something professionally is a hard task and lots of efforts are required in every job. Similarly, the job of an author might seem too simple from the outside but there are lots of trouble that they face on a daily basis as well.

Writer’s block

Writer’s block is very much a real thing and cannot be ignored. A lot of people think it is just an excuse used by the writers and authors but it is a real thing faced by almost all the writers at least once in their careers. As the name suggests, it is a block faced by the writers in which their ability to write and think completely gets blocked. It is not a lame excuse, rather a very real thing due to which writers fall behind on their writing gigs.

Shortage of time

Shortage of time is like a universal issue faced by every person in the world. In the case of authors and writers, it is greatly connected with the previous point; that is, writer’s block. If the writer gets stuck in a phase of writer’s block, then he cannot write anything which automatically causes the wastage of time. On the other hand, even without the block, shortage of time is quite a common problem faced by the writers because they often lose track of time during writing and get in too deep.

Finding a real well-paying job

Unlike the other professions, this one problem is faced quite a lot by the writers and authors because finding a real job which also pays well is quite hard for the writers. Authors have to struggle a lot to find a reasonable work or gig and until then they work for cheapest essay services for the sake of earning money and also to keep practicing their writing skills instead of leaving them to get rusted.

Lack of ideas

Creativity level of authors drop down quite frequently. At such times they get short on the creative ideas regarding topic and even the stories or content to write inside the essay. If a writer is going through a low productivity rate completing the assignment and finishing the piece of work would be next to impossible for them because he would be absolutely clueless about what to write.

Being an author is not a piece of cake either, like most of the people think of it. Sure it is a job where the options to implement in the professional tasks are endless; and there are no limitations of the corporate world, but it does not mean that there are no struggles at all. Authors face a lot of struggles to get their essaydone and have to put in lots of efforts to fight them.

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