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Honeymoon in an Igloo?

Planning for a honeymoon, are you? Well, Finland in recent times has truly upped their visitor quotient as well as entered the domain of romantic destinations. Now, you must be thinking – how and where in Finland can you get that perfect wedding destination! Well, folks, the romance in Kakslauttanen are really catching up – and fast!!

You can also opt to get married in Finland

FYI – regardless of your religion, Finland extends this nuptial facility to one and all. It is courtesy to this factor that this region has recently entered into the competitive zone as a wedding destination.

Anyway, other things aside, since you are planning for a getaway nuptial, why not scroll down and read up some of the facts that are given here? Oh! Well – you can very well believe the facts presented – they are corroborated from multiple trustworthy sources.

Read up.

Winter weddings are fun in Kakslauttanen – people are vouching for it

Yes, that’s true – winter weddings in Kakslauttanen are catching up pretty fast with packages as bronze and silver making it to the list of key options. What’s in store?

    • A civil wedding ceremony with Finnish legalities (post your return to the country, you can carry on with your legal formalities).
    • A specially planned reindeer sleigh arrival and departure format for the couple.
    • A wedding dinner with your specially invited guests and family.
    • Either a honeymoon night in glass igloo or a log cabin with fire and sauna for company (after your spouse, that is).
  • Complete security arrangements to ensure that neither you nor your guests have any problem throughout these ceremonies.

Quite fun, isn’t it? Hang on – there come more.

Pre and post wedding itinerary

What’s pre-wedding photoshoot minus some hills and snow? Albeit, you have it all in Kakslauttanen!! The trees, igloos and hotel – tops are all covered with snow, and they turn out to be some amazing backdrops for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Imagine – a romantic kiss under the snow-covered tree – just so amazing!

If that’s not all, there are resorts in Finland and igloos that specifically help to organise cocktail parties and bridal showers for the bride enhancing the experience to a great extent. Who said wedding in the snow was troublesome?

Post wedding – go in for a sledge ride with your partner, and don’t miss out on the wedding accommodation that these resorts provide. They are not just beautiful but come within the wedding booking. Newly married?? Enjoy a glass of wine with a fire to keep you warm as you gleam in the company of your love.

In case you are having second thoughts on Lake Como, then Kakslauttanen can be an ideal alternative (in fact – just think of it, it has every positive to be the first choice). Weddings on a beach or amidst a floral setting under the open sky are usual. For yours, take your vows in the land of our dearest Santa Claus and make all your wishes come true.  

Also, we are waiting back to hear up your comments on the same – do reach out to us and leave a line or two on how much you enjoyed reading up this blog!

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