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3 Days In New York: The Perfect Itinerary For Travelers!

New York – The city that never sleeps. If you can only spend three days in the city, you’ll get a slice of this amazing place!

Here’s the itinerary that will save your time and minimize the stress of being in the city:

Day 1:

Time Square

Time square is a triangle between the Broadway, Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street to 47th Street. Just a quick jaunt to the streets at Time Square is enough to give you a sense of New York’s vibrancy and its energy. Head to subways 1,2,3,7, N, Q, R and S, trains to get to this place. You can also look into bus rentals to reach Time Square.

Grab a seat in front of Famous Red TKTS steps or at the pedestrian zone and say hi to the Statue of Liberty, snap photos with super-heroes, hear Gospel Choir and more. Want some tranquility? Head back to 42nd street and walk east side back to the 6th Avenue, there you will see Bryant Park.

The New York Public Library:

Right after the hush-hush streets of Time Square, at the next stop from the Bryant Park, you will see a magnificent building of the New York Public Library. Built in 1913,  the New York Public Library is at the corner of 5th Avenue top employee monitoring software.

Step in the grand Beaux-Arts lobby and you will see the area where the movie Ghostbusters was filmed. The area is a giant reading room, where you can read books from every genre.  And, don’t forget to greet Fortitude and Patience, the most famous pair of lions.

Head To The Rock Observation Deck:

To get a view of the complete city, head to the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The best part of the Rock Observation Deck is that you don’t have to waste time waiting in the line. Plus, you can take a selfie with the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.

Central Park:  

Want to witness the green pastures? Head to the southern part of Central Park and get to the Pond and Gapstow Bridge. Take pictures, indulge in the beauty of the place, enjoy the exotic animals including swans and bears, view the Chess and Checker House and more.

Day 2:

On your second day,  take in a few historic landmarks.

Trinity Church:

Built in 1846, the Trinity Church is built at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway, and has an overall spire of 284 feet.  This was once one of the tallest buildings of the New York city. Get inside the church and you will be spellbound with the magnificent stained glass windows. Stroll in the cemetery to see the cemetery of the Alexander Hamilton, US Treasury’s first Secretary.

Battery Park:

Castle Clinton was built to fight against the British in 1812. There you will see the beautiful waterfront with an amazing view of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Sunset On The High Line:

The high line is the long, narrow street to let you enjoy the soothing sunset. Sit on the wooden lounge chairs and relish the Hudson River waterfront view.

Day 3:

Now you have explored enough, it’s time to talk to locals! Spend your last day with New Yorkers and see what they do on their day off.

Walk The Brooklyn Bridge:

Take the most relaxing walk to Brooklyn walk over the bridge and witness the incredible skyline and the harbor. The 45-minute drive from the start to the end of the bridge will give you life long experience.

Have Lunch In Chinatown:

Walk to the north on the Centre Street through the civic district lines and delve deeper into the culture. To the Columbus Parkside, you will find locals playing cards and doing tai-chi. Here you will also find inexpensive restaurants serving delicious meal along the side streets and to the Mott.

Visiting these places will help make you most of your 3 day trip to New York!

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