How to Weigh Luggage before Your Flight?

We all know how strict are the airline when it comes to their luggage weight policy. There is no wiggle room; few grams make a huge impact on your pocket. As a person traveling via airplanes, we take every cautious step to avoid over packing. One common mistake all airplane flyers do is that they fail to measure the luggage before arriving at the airport. Estimating how much your luggage weighs is a wrong move; instead either get tour luggage weighed at a convenience store or invest in a quality portable luggage scale.

Owning a portable luggage scale has been a lifesaver for many travelers, knowing how much your bags weigh before going to the airport gives us peace of mind. There are very simple ways of weighing bags at home, portable luggage scale is best among them all.

Most of us are hesitant in buying a portable luggage scale, as we doubt their accuracy. But this is just a misconception; portable luggage scales do offer a correct and accurate reading. Understand the working of the scale before using them is a necessary step for accuracy. Additionally, do not base your decision while buying a weighing scale entirely on price. Look for quality portable luggage scale with practical features and clear display.

Four different ways to weigh the luggage at home

1.   Build-in scale: one best way to avoid over packing is buying a suitcase that has to build-in scale. So each time you put something into the suitcase it gets calculated giving you an overall reading. Few brands offer travel suitcase with built-in weighing scale making it easy to avoid over packing.

2.   Portable luggage scale: as mentioned earlier portable luggage scale is a convenient way to measure the luggage. All you have to do is link the hook of the scale to the handle of the suitcase and then lift the scale and bag together off the floor for reading. It is important to hold the weighing scale steady and wait for the numbers to level up for accurate reading.

3.   Bathroom scales: this way of measuring luggage is less reliable than other ways. For best result first, step on the bathroom scale and weigh yourself, note the reading before you proceed. Next, pick up the luggage you want to weigh and then step on the scale with it, note the reading again. Subtract your weight from the second reading that included the luggage.

4.   Airport scale: the last method that you can use to measure your bags is by using airport scales. Most airports have installed weighing scales for passenger use. These machines can be used to weigh the luggage before getting to the check-in counter. In case your luggage is overweight, it allows you to remove a few items and then proceed to the check-in counter.

Irrespective of which method you use to measure the luggage, it is important to note that no scale will give you an accurate reading. At last, it is the discretion of the airline agents and their respective scales to determine whether or not to allow the bag without a penalty. Do remember it is very easy to get overwhelmed and pack heavy, but full suitcases are a hassle for both you and the flight attendant. Hence, to be safe and fly peaceful packs light or below the mentioned weight limit.

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