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Going to Parramatta? Visit the Nearby Beaches As Well!

The common myth about Parramatta is that you cannot enjoy the beach if you go there. While there are no beach resorts in the area, there are a plenty of beaches that you can visit. One of the most popular beach destinations you can visit if you are in Parramatta area is the Bondi beach. It is a just one train away, and will only cost you a couple of Australian dollars. If you are going for Parramatta accommodation and you time to spare, why not go to the beach as well?

Australians maintain an unconditional and solid relationship with water sports. This has been proven in many competitive games and tournaments related to water sports. If you are an Australian, then most likely you love going to the beach or swimming pools to unwind or to train. This is why it is not surprising why beach destinations like Bondi beach are very popular among local tourists. It has become a custom and tradition for many Australians to play water sports, but what are the most famous ones? This article will explore the world of water sports in Australia in an aim to interest others who are looking for a new hobby or physical activity.

Keep swimming

This is a no-brainer. With countless medals and recognitions, it is not a secret that swimming is a very popular water sport in the country. Some of the world-renowned competitive swimmers are from the Land Down Under. Ever heard of Ian Thorpe, Leisel Jones, Micheal Klim, Shane Gould, Dawn Fraser, Grant Hackett, or Petria Thomas? These are some of the most successful and skilled swimmers Australia has to offer. Because of the consistent excellent performance of Australian swimmers and the popularity of swimming product brands, it is not surprising that swimming competitions take the country by storm, making it one of the most popular sports in the country.

Surf’s up

One of the most common misnomers about surfing is that it is a water sport reserved for hippies and beach bums, but Australia has proved this wrong. The country is gifted with countless great surf spots, attracting tourists from other countries to ride the Australian waves. Foreigners are not the only ones taking advantage of the waves but locals as well. Because of the surf spots with majestic and adrenaline-pumping waves, many Australians got hook in surfing. Additionally, because of surfing’s popularity in Australia, the country is frequented by major surfing championships participated by the best surfers in the world.

Explore the deep waters

Australians are not only fond of swimming and riding the waves, but going under the water as well. Scuba diving is another popular water activity in the country. Because of the country’s marvelous diving spots, nobody can blame Aussies for picking up scuba diving as a passion. Some of the world’s best dive sites can be found in Australia, including Cod Hole (QLD), Flinders Reef (QLD), Lord How Island (NSW), Ningaloo Reef (NSW), Neptune Islands (SA), and Tasman Peninsula (TAS).

Surf with the wind

Good waves and strong winds – these are the best recipes for a good windsurfing activity in Australia. Because of the appropriate climate in the country, water sports like windsurfing do not have a hard time attracting fans. As a result of this water sports’ popularity among Aussies, different windsurfing clubs and beach schools have emerged, which even boosted the sports’ popularity in the past several years.

The Land Down Under is not only known for being the home of world-class swimmers but also fans and practitioners of other water sports like those mentioned above. If you are planning to go out for Parramatta accommodation, don’t forget to try any of the mentioned water activities for surely you will enjoy it since beaches like Bondi is only a train away!

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