7 Tips for Camping with a Dog

Do you want to go camping with your dog? With these tips, your dog will become the best camping companion and you can fully enjoy your holiday in the tent or in your mobile home with your lovely buddy.

Choose your campsite

Of course, not all campsites accept dogs. Better to inquire while reserving our land. By booking, you can also inquire about the rules and facilities of camping with regard to dogs. For example, some breeds may be prohibited, or additional fees may be required to camp with a dog. It is recommended to know these before arriving on the spot.

Prepare your dog

Should the dog be examined by the veterinarian before a camping holiday? If your dog is young and in good health and is examined by a veterinarian every year, it is not necessary. Depending on the location of the trip, however, it may be worthwhile to discuss with your veterinarian, for example, precautions for pest prevention or recommended vaccinations.

Camping Gear for a Dog

Your dog should have his or her own gear for camping Here are the essentials that you should prepare for your dog.

A cap to protect his little sensitive eyes.

A bowl and all the accessories for the meals.

A cushion for sleeping.

His blanket or a toy to make him feel safe.

A flotation jacket for dogs, if you plan to go boating.

A leash long enough for it to move freely on the campsite.

A tick forceps.

Leash, collar and identification

Your pet will love to go on vacation with you, tourist sites, new friends and all these delicious new smells to smell, animals to see, sand to roll in and water to swim, will seem like a great adventure .  This is a new place however, so dogs can sometimes be frightened at night by unknown noises so make sure the leash or harness is securely fastened.

Make sure that their necklace is labeled with their name and phone number. A better way to prevent losing your faithful companion would be a GPS tracker for dog.

Keep Track of Your Dog

It’s not always a good idea to tie your dog to a tree or something, but if set free, your dog may get too far while chasing bugs or probably get hurt.Therefore, you want to keep track of your dog while camping. To do that, you can use GoFindMe real-time GPS tracker. You can easily attach it to your dog’s harness.

With that being set, you can use your phone to check your dog’s real-time location without cell service. You can also use this corresponding app to set up a safe zone and get notified when your dog leaves that safe zone. For me, GoFindMe is the best camping GPS tracker that I will never go camping without.

Sleep with Your Dog

You walked all day and it’s time to sleep. The mushers (dog sled drivers) usually leave their dogs out at night, next to the camp, attached to what is called a stake-out.

So you can imagine getting your dog into the tent. You will keep each other warm.

With only one dog, in general, whatever the size of the tent, there is always room. For my part, I have a tent 2 places all season and I have room to sleep, me, my wife and a dog.

To camp with your dog, plan a towel or something that will allow your dog to know where to lie down, to be reassured by familiar material if he is worried, not to disgust the inside of the dog. tent (especially if you have to sleep several nights) and it does not suffer moisture from the ground.

Food and Water

This can be considered obvious, but bringing in appropriate containers of food and water is important on holidays.  A large bowl of fresh water that is emptied and refilled will ensure your dog stays hydrated, especially during the warmer months.

Keep dry dog ​​food in an airtight container to deter wildlife or dogs (including yours) from eating when you are not looking.  If you plan to consume food that your dog is not used to during your camping holiday, take a few weeks to get used to it before you go. A stomach ache could ruin his vacation.

Also prepare dung bags and leave them in your car, in your pockets, in your tent, in the kitchen of your campsite to be quiet and be able to pick up quickly before it impacts the life together.


Whether you and your dog have a good time in this new adventure depends on the importance you give to details and safety for your pet. Remember that while nothing may happen, you have to be ready for any scenario. That’s all the tips for camping with a dog. Hope you have a wonderful trip with your dog.

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