Know what you can do at Cape May

At the southernmost point of New Jersey, Cape May is a stunning resort community with a tonne of fantastic things to do.

I have firsthand knowledge of this tranquil, historic town because I have lived in New Jersey for more than 30 years. The oldest coastal town in the country is Cape May, which boasts Victorian architecture, a famous lighthouse, fantastic beaches, and a variety of stores.

We’re going to explore the top things to do in Cape May, New Jersey, in this article. While you’re here, make sure to save my recommendations for the top locations to visit in New Jersey and my guide to where to stay in Cape May. (Warning: Cape May is on the list!)

Enjoy the refreshing coastal breezes.

Who doesn’t enjoy spending the day at the beach? The beaches of Cape May are among the most stunning in all of New Jersey. You can enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from these serene, unspoiled beaches.

There are a tonne of options available as well. See my selection of some of the top beaches in New Jersey. It has two excellent beaches nearby: Poverty Beach in Cape May, and Diamond Beach in nearby Wildwood Crest.

You’ll immediately see why visitors from all over the world flock to this charming beachfront resort town in New Jersey.

Mall on Washington Street

One of the most well-liked activities in Cape May is visiting the open-air strip mall known as Washington Street Mall. Numerous fantastic stores and eateries flank the perimeter of this mall, which is only accessible by foot. The small, boutique stores have fresh, original items. Visit one of the many eateries or coffee shops for a bite to eat. Delaney’s Pub, a local favourite, offers fantastic food and welcoming service.

On a bright summer afternoon, wander across the Washington Street Mall. Even if you don’t purchase anything, the atmosphere alone will entice you.

Safari in Salt Marsh

Looking for a Cape May activity that is truly unique? Explore the Salt Marsh in Cape May on an expedition! The Salt Marsh Safari is a highly special and enjoyable attraction that is situated in Lower Township. You’ll learn amazing things as you discover a fresh approach to seeing Cape May.

Allow the tour guides to educate you on the Salt Marsh ecology and show you some of the local birds. The natural world of Cape May is also accessible through an interactive marine life tour. Whichever trip you decide on, you’ll have a blast.

Farm Beach Plum

One of the greatest places to go if you adore farm-fresh vegetables is Beach Plum Farm, which is situated in West Cape May at Cape May Point. It has long been one of the most well-liked tourist destinations. They even have a fantastic farm-to-table eatery that patrons adore. There are chairs by the garden so that you can eat while admiring the scenery.

Free farm tours are available, however if you want to eat some fresh food, you should buy some. Visit Beach Plum Farm if you’ve never gone and are looking for some peaceful activities to do in Cape May.

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