Beaches you must visit Odessa

One of the most important factors for tourists are beaches that’s why this article will be your guide for the best beaches you shouldn’t miss in Odessa Ukraine beaches.

Arcadia Beach

This is the most popular beach which is located in the infamous area Arcadia which includes a lot of other private beaches, this beach is well known for it’s fun and irresistible alcohol mixes that will wake you up with a granted hangover, you can enjoy the free of charge sunbeds or the water parks, the beach is near a lot of restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

If you went to this beach and you like it and keep visiting it you must know that you are living the good life of Odessa.

Bolshoi Fontan

Fontan is a very well known place among locals and tourists, people can enjoy the beaches of sanatoria and it’s soothing center of Odessa, Bolshoi is considered parallel to the private side of Odessa, the beach of bolshoi is considered golden sand and separated by water barriers.Although it’s not packed with all day activities and endless facilities you would still be able to enjoy the nature and small sized groups.


What attracts most people to this place is the amazing animal show that is made every day except Monday it is called the Dolphinarium which includes some of your favourite aquatic animals, It is considered one of the oldest beaches in Odessa, and if you are looking for an exquisite view of the seaport and the entire seacoast this place is the right one for you. Being a little bit commercial will be having it’s pros and cons to if you are not into animal shows you’d better choose another place. And it’s well known to be the local beach because it is located in a place very reachable for all kind of tourists and local and renting a place on this beach is the easiest anyone can do.


This place is very well known and popular that some people would call crowded while other reviews is perfect for them as a nice beach with some activities and a good number of visitors is sometimes the perfect place for the tourists.


This beach is popular for having the ability to welcome people with disabilities, there you will find along the beach all the facilities that you want starting cafes, restaurants and parking, beach reviewers also noted having a very nice decent meal in the sea, without mentioning their perfect cleanliness. This beach is well known to be in a shape of a flying bird.


Ortada have got everything you need from recreation and relaxation to non ending activities for adrenaline junkies like kitesurfing.


This beach is known as the “Student” beach, for people who don’t want to hear loud music, don’t want to plan anything except enjoying pure nature in it’s form without services or infrastructure this is the right place for you.

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