Dubai is home to various types of individuals ranging from white-collar executives to vacationers looking to experience its diverse culture and lifestyle activities. Still, it is undebatable that this modern city provides its own distinct allure which brings together all these people to form a socially-tangible community that continues to thrive within the local economy. Having a variety of distinct cultural landmarks and world-famous attractions under its portfolio, the metropolitan city also boasts contemporary living lifestyles and social events within a highly profitable and prosperous business environment. However, in order for you to enjoy all these experiences in Dubai, Central Park by Meraas provides all the essentials that you need to be able to experience it all!

1) Location

                Located centrally in the heart of Dubai’s uptown areas and districts, Central Park is situated in the busy areas of City Walk Dubai! City Walk is home to an abundance of shopping galleries, retail shops and fine-dining restaurants for you to choose from which makes Central Park the best alternative for your residential living needs. Furthermore, having access to Sheikh Zayed Road enables you to conveniently commute towards the other encompassing areas of Dubai. You will find visiting the Burj Khalifa or dipping into the crystal-clear oceans of Jumeirah Beach on a daily basis a much more appealing proposition now!

2) Greeneries

                Living in a bustling city full of daily activities and night-life events, you may be surprised how Central Park at City Walk aims to provide a tranquil environment for the peace of mind of its residents. In conjunction to its proposed residential plans, Central Park will be furnished with lush greeneries to provide an atmospheric feel reminiscent to nature’s touch. Even though the residential community will be surrounded by the ever-busy noises and people of the city suburbs, the existence of tall and healthy trees as well as various species of plants provides a natural soundproof alternative which inhibits the noises of nearby, ensuring a good night’s sleep for you and your family.

3) People

                Residing in the centre of a busy suburb ensures that you will be meeting with plenty of business people as well as potential business investors in the local economy. If you are a business professional yourself, this creates an ideal environment for you to expand your business network as well as making affiliations all over the city. However, young tourists and local residences seeking for entertainment and social lifestyle activities are also abundant in the associating areas of City Walk. This provides opportunities for you and the family to join in on any seasonal events and capture moments together with other people looking to have a great time in Dubai.

4) Public Facilities

                Having access to plenty of the public facilities in City Walk, you will have no qualms in finding alternative ways to save time for commuting purposes or other needs. A 15-minute drive is sufficient for you to cover almost all the inter-connecting road networks surrounding City Walk, and public transports such as taxis and Dubai Metro help you to reach your destinations with minimal to no fuss!

5) Social Lifestyle

                Residing in Central Park allows you to be closer to the night-time life and occasional social festivities in the area. Fancying a local visit to nearby fine-dining restaurants? You are well on your way with Le Grill at Galeries Lafayette, Le Gourmet being a potential spot for your taste buds. There’s also Roxy Cinema at City Walk where you can bring your party to join and catch any new movie flicks. Living in Dubai has never been better by staying in Central Park.

6) Choices of Units

                Central Park by Meraas offers many unique apartment lots and suites to cater towards your current residential needs. Most other residential areas offer units suitable for small to large families, while sacrificing the vibrant city life. Here in Central Park, you can look forward to multiple options ranging from 1-bed apartments up to 4-bedroom suites for larger families. 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom alternatives are there for you too, if you are looking for something in the middle.

                Central Park at City Walk is due for completion by the year 2021. With newer additions like the Ain Dubai coming to Dubai in the near future, it is evident that City Walk is bound to become livelier than ever. And when City Walk continues to grow, Central Park is bound to gain popularity too within the next few years.

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