This Is How Dubai Prevents Traffic Accidents

If you are a driver it is very likely that you are aware of the growing number of traffic accidents in the country. While efforts are made to alleviate car accidents, serious and fatal traffic mishaps still occur.
There are several reasons why traffic accidents remain a big issue in the country, and these include man made factors such as drunk or intoxicated driving, speeding or aggressive driving, violation of traffic laws, and distracted driving or using electronic device while driving.

The above-mentioned factors almost always result in tragic and fatal traffic accidents like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, large vehicle accidents, and even pedestrian accidents. There is no way to stop these factors to causing serious traffic mishaps but to practice safe and responsible driving. It may sound like a cliché but it is the reality. When drivers prioritize their safety and be more sensitive with their own and other people’s safety, it is when accidents would dramatically reduce.

According to owners of car servicing in Dubai, while driver error plays a big role in the emergence of vehicle accidents in the country, no one should discount other factors like weather condition and poorly designed and maintained roads. In relation to poor road conditions and design, the best way to curb accidents resulting from this factor is just plain and simple: make road design and planning safer.

Road constructions, improvements, and renovations are quite common throughout the country, especially in key areas like Brisbane and Gold Coast. In order to tailor fit those for traffic and public safety, there are certain considerations contractors and agencies should keep an eye on. In order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of these constructions or improvements, the following should be included:

Reflective and noticeable traffic signs – Traffic signs may be underrated because they are very common sights in any road, but this does not reduce their importance and usefulness. These signs give drivers guidance, warning, and heads-up on what to expect, leading them away from harm’s way before they know it. Hence, in order to further promote traffic safety, roads should be filled with these signs so drivers can be easily warned or notified about the road’s layout, design, and likely situations.

Line markings – Road line marking is a very important traffic safety feature because it serves as an efficient and obvious guidance to drivers. According to studies, line markings effectively reduce traffic accidents. It is said that roads with road line marking are at least 29% safer than roads with none. While all roads in Dubai have line markings, some need repainting because markings start to fade, which can pose risks to drivers. This is why when road constructions take place, it is extremely important to repaint line markings as well.

Post lights – Accidents are very likely to happen in dark and dim areas. In order to prevent such accidents, the most simple and best way is to install post lights in strategic locations. Night driving is dangerous as it is, much more if you are driving along dark and narrow roads. This is why it is very important for agencies and contractors to install lights on dark streets and roads where traffic flow is active even at night. Needless to say, this can help in effectively preventing accidents at night.

While car accidents may happen to anyone and anytime, there are ways one could do to at least reduce chances of being involved in an accident. If you get involved in a crash, one of your priorities aside from your health is your vehicle. Make sure to visit a car servicing in Dubai to have your ride fixed. One is to practice safe and responsible driving. Accidents can also be effectively prevented when agencies invest on quality road maintenance and safety features like road line marking, traffic signals, and post lights.

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