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Three Skip Bin Safety Tips

Hiring a skip bin might look like an easy task and if you are considering to hiring one, it can turn out to be the best option when it comes management of waste. You may contact skip hiring company in gold coast, brisbane  or near you However, there are a host of safety rules and regulations that you need to follow when hiring one. Three of them are as follows.

1.    Even out the load in the skip – It is very necessary to keep the balance as it will help in preventing the skip from tipping the truck after it has been picked up. This can be a very dangerous situation for the driver or even you if you are anywhere near the skip bin as it could fall over while you are still at it.

Therefore, it is very necessary to have a perfectly balanced load and avoid putting heavy materials on one side and light materials on the other. Try to keep the heaviest form of rubbish at the lowest to keep a lower center of gravity to prevent tipping.

2.    Avoid crushing the rubbish – Once you want to fill the skip, you might feel inclined to fill it with more rubbish which could result in crushing it with your legs and feet. Do not do that if you don’t want to see blood all over. This will happen especially if there are sharp objects in the skip bin such as wood, glasses or pipes, etc.

3.    Filling only to the top of the bin – Try to keep the waste within the bin to avoid spilling. Your waste will tend to fall out especially during the skip’s pick up. It is even known to be illegal in some places to carry dangerous loads in an overfilled skip and in the worst cases, bricks, large pieces of metal and wood might fall during transportation and can possibly injure someone on the road.

Once you know the safety tips, you also need to know what can or cannot go into your skip bin. You cannot put stuff like explosives, gas bottles, solvents, batteries, oil pain, asbestos, etc. If you want to keep yourself and the environment safe, you also need to avoid any legal charges.

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