Top 5 Beautiful Places in Natal

Natal, the state capital of Rio Grande Do Norte in Brazil, is known for its beautiful coastal sand dunes and the beach neighbourhood of Ponta Negra. A freshwater lagoon can be found in the Genipabu dunes area, and there is a 15 km (9 mi) stretch of beaches south of the city. Natal is also known for the Forte dos Reis Magos Portuguese fortress, a 16th-century star-shaped defence complex. Those interested in history and culture will enjoy the city’s many museums and art galleries.

1 Porto Mirim Beach

Porto Mirim Beach, near Genipabu, is a curving expanse of clean sand surrounded by trees and shrubs and overlooking clear and clean waters. A variety of amenities, including toilets, bars, and restaurants, are nearby. There are also many villas and apartments in the popular Porto Mirim Beach Village complex, which is close to the beach. The lovely Genipabu Beach and Genipabu Lagoon are also within a 16-mile (25-kilometer) drive of Porto Mirim Beach.

2 The Fort of Three Wise Men

The Fortaleza (or Forte) dos Reis Magos (Three Wise Men Fort) is located in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. The fort is built in the shape of a star and is perched high above the sea on a cliff. The fort, which was built in the 16th century as a coastal defensive measure, was Nation’s first major landmark and was founded on December 25, 1599. The fort is situated on the Potengi River’s right bank, close to the beautiful Via Costeira beach.

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3 Natal Dunes State Park

Natal Dunes State Park, also known as the Dunes Park, is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. The park was established to protect an important area of dunes, as well as native vegetation and a variety of wildlife and birds. The park, which includes an Atlantic rain forest and sand dunes, runs alongside the coastal highway near the centre of Natal. There are numerous trails to explore, as well as skibunda adventures. Skibunda is similar to sandboarding in that it involves riding down the dunes on a sled-like board.

4 Muriú Beach

Praia de Muri, or Muri Beach in English, is a beautiful stretch of golden sand lapped by the calm ocean waves in Natal. The beach is shaded by trees and overlooks clear turquoise waters and beautiful scenery. While the beach is mostly empty, a variety of apartments and villas are gradually being built up along the nearby coastline, so it will eventually be a busy beach, but there aren’t many amenities available right now. Enjoy a lazy day basking in the sun at this peaceful Natal location.

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5 Lagoa de Pitangui

Lagoa de Pitangui (Pitangui Lagoon) is a beautiful inland freshwater lake located about 25 kilometres (15 miles) north of Natal’s city centre. As an alternative to going to the beach, many locals and visitors enjoy spending a day at the lake. The water is crystal clear and calm, making it ideal for children to swim in. Restrooms, restaurants, snack bars, and clubs are also located around the lake. There is ample parking available. Fishing, swimming, and boating are all popular activities at the lake, and buggies can be rented for a fun drive over the nearby dunes.

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