Tomorrowland: A Magical Place to Enjoy Music & Have the Best Time of Your Life!

What is life without music? And if you are into electronic dance music, there is no better place than Tomorrowland for you!

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic-dance-music festivals in the world. Since its inception in 2005, it has steadily evolved with world-renowned musicians coming together to perform at a single place.

The festival is organised each year in Boom, a location in the countryside of Belgium, where hundred thousands of people gather for two weekends of fun in June.

So if you are a music lover, put Tomorrowland down in your bucket list visit this summer!

Tomorrowland: Unveiled

Without proper guidance, Tomorrowland can be a bit overwhelming. Since it is spread across a wide area and chances are high that one may feel lost in it. 

So, reign in your worries, we have put down a comprehensive list which can guide you through the labyrinth of the festival.

So without further adieu, here it goes:

  • The first thing to do, of course, is to get the tickets. There is a limit to entry; that is why you should get your tickets well in advance. The tickets go on sale around February, so buckle up and sit down to pre-register around December-January.
  • There are four ticket categories for you to avail, namely – regular, comfort, VIP and VVIP. Each of them gives you entry to the festival site and access to all the stages. With comfort passes, you get perks like snacks, beverages, Jacuzzi, massage centre etc. The VIP and VVIP pass further allows you access to the structure set near the stages along with the perks of a comfort pass.
  • Once you purchase your tickets, you will be sent a bracelet via mail. For some people, the bracelet might be available only at the counters at the entrance of the festival. This bracelet is ideally mandatory to gain access during the festival weekend.
  • This festival is cashless and counts on their currency called pearls which you have to purchase in lieu of cash at the festival counters. These pearls are added to your bracelets and are deducted by machines whenever you purchase within festival grounds.
  • Food, beverages and festival merchandise can be purchased using these pearls.
  • Numerous stalls serving a variety of foods like fruits, noodles, salads, pizza etc. are spread across the festival grounds. So much away while your ears are filled with inspiring music. 
  • Festival grounds open at around noon. So it is better to reach and form a queue by 11 am. The best musicians start taking the stage around 3 pm, so it is best to arrive with plenty of time at hand.
  • The festival offers you a variety of other leisure events like Ferris wheel rides, chilling on a hammock with a good book or simply hanging around with delicious food while making new friends. This festival is so much more than just music!

Therefore, if you are looking for a time of unadulterated fun, Tomorrowland is the perfect place to be. After all, what can be better than good music, great food and surrounded by an even better company?  

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