Things You Should Pack Before You Go For Solo Trips : Travel Packing Guide

Travelling always fascinates and to everyone but very few understand that it can be daunting experience if not well-programmed and planned. You need to understand the proper management behind a easy and enjoyable experience of travel, especially when it is solo. Solo trips means you have to rely completely on yourself and nobody can have your back in any case. Most of time, aspiring travellers miss lot of things with them to bring on their way which make their journey depressing. So all you need is planning about what you need to pack and then you are good to go for a memorable experience.

Travel Packing Guide: Things you need to pack for a solo trip

  1. Type of Bag or luggage you carry:  It is necessary to pick a luggage or a primary bag for all your stuff. Buying a highly accessible and spacious bag which is durable, easy to carry and have weight managements will make your journey easy like cake. Check your luggage before you go out there, it should not have any broken wheel, chain failures or any other issue.  Have the size of luggage according to your requirement and depending upon the climate and demographics of the destination. Try to have only one luggage, it could be 4-wheeler, duffel bag , rolling bags, travel backpacks, wheeled backpacks or simply carry-on bags.
  2. Keep Connected: Have all things which keep you connected and well-informed to the world. Make sure the technology works efficiently. Carry your smartphone fully-charged, charging adapter, power bank, reliable connection, some external Wi-Fi system and other things. Don’t forget to carry few important contact numbers of your friend, family, police, ambulance and more in a mini-diary or somewhere close to you in case you lost your bag. Have electric converters, if travelling abroad. Also get handy with travel applications with can help you with directions, language, finding places, money conversions and much more.
  3. All things required in a solo trip:  Things which you must pack are like climate-based clothes according to your trip days, shoes, rain jacket, underwear, sunglasses, sleepwear, swimwear, travel pillow, eye-masks, sunscreen lotion, face wash, shampoo, anti-septic cream, deodorant, toothpaste, brush, paper soaps or body wash, required medicines and more. Have umbrella, rain jacket and extra rain protection covers in case of rainy seasons.  In case of winters, have jackets, blanket and winter caps and other needed things.  Best is to go for some reliable travel planners or agency like National Holidays so that you not have to worry about itinerary and you can even customize according to what you want.
  4. Entertainment and Hobby:  Keep technology with you for entertainment and even work or hobby sometime. Carry laptop or better will be a tablet, adapter, external hard disk, camera, travel speakers, wireless headphone/earphone and more.
  5. Organize for easy accessibility:  You need to organize things into different levels and make it settle according to their requirement. Everything should be easy to access without putting everything out.

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