Reaching New Highs: The Best Glass Bongs on the Market

Cannabis use is growing, especially in the age of legalization. For example, cannabis is legal in Canada and 5 million Canadians reported that they use cannabis.

While newer marijuana consumption methods, such as vaping, are becoming popular, the bong is still a classic.

Bongs are the common term given to water pipes. The best glass bongs are larger than the average pipe and give more powerful hits than a pipe or joint.

But no two bongs are the same. While it’s easy to walk into your local head shop and grab the cheapest bong on the shelf, you likely want the best smoking experience. And the only way to achieve that is by using the best bong.

Here are the greatest bongs on the market.

Brothers With Glass

Why save the best for last when we can name the best brand at the top of the list? Brothers With Glass is one of the most trustworthy bong manufacturers. All bongs are American made and they only use high-quality borosilicate glass.

Many users also like Brothers With Glass because of the variety. You can find bongs in all different shapes and they all feature amazing and unique artwork.

Brothers With Glass also collaborates with the best glass artists in the business, so you’re truly receiving an incredible piece.

You can find their high-quality bongs online.

  1. Haring

K.Haring is a glass artist who blurs the line between art and cannabis culture. All of his work is inspired by street art that only features the best and thickest borosilicate glass, ensuring your bong can withstand serious heat.

K.Haring makes several different cannabis products, such as bowls and one-hitters but he also makes different types of bongs. His bongs and bubblers are some of his most popular products.

They’re sturdy and are made with a seven-slit showerhead percolator so you get an easy hit every time.

Every K. Haring pipe is designed by hand, so you truly receive a unique product.

Marley Natural

What glass company should you trust more than Bob Marley’s brand? Marley Natural creates a variety of high-quality marijuana products, including incredible bongs.

The Smoked Glass Bubbler is sleek and features an eight slip percolator system for the best smoking experience.

The bong is also a centerpiece. It’s black with gold accents, perfect to share with your friends!

Another Marley Natural option is the Black Walnut Bubbler. It’s a larger bubbler made of borosilicate glass. You can opt to use it as a bubbler or as a regular hand pipe. Its black walnut accents make it truly beautiful, perfect as a gift.

Flavor Tube

Flavor Tube is a bong that’s perfect for a beginner. It’s a small piece but is still made with thick borosilicate glass, so it’s strong and will last a long time. There are also beautiful lime green accents, adding a little pop of color.

Another reason why this is a great beginner’s piece is stability. Flavor Tube is made with a disc at the bottom of the piece, making it one of the most durable bongs on this list.

In addition, the diffusion percolator is set at an angle, preventing any splashbacks.

Mini Bent Neck

If a personal style is your thing, you’ll like the Mini Bent Neck bubbler. This bong features colored accents in green, blue, and pink. It’s only seven inches tall, perfect for all marijuana users.

But the bent neck is its most popular feature, making this piece extremely easy to use.

You can also use this piece as an oil rig. You can opt for the add-on package, which comes with a quartz banger and a carb cap.


AMG, or American Made Glass, is another classic bong brand. They’re famous for producing nearly indestructible bongs that can last you for years.

If you truly want to buy an AMG bong, don’t settle for less than the 10-inch. This beast is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and features a bottom disc for stability. The bong is made with a diffused male stem so your hits are cool and easy.

This bong is made in a variety of unique colors: black and mint, teal, and black and blue.

The Double Trouble

Judging by its name, this is no bong for beginners. Standing at 16 inches tall, it’s the biggest bong on this list.

It’s a straight tube bong with two stereo percolators for serious filtration. It’s also made with an ice pinch and splash guard, ensuring you don’t get splashed and ice is held above the waterline (if you’re using ice instead of water).

Higher Standards

If you’re not only looking for one of the best bongs on the market but specifically one that’s perfect for ice hits, look no further than Higher Standards. The bong comes with an ice mold and is made of medical-grade borosilicate glass.

There are extra-thin slits on the downstem. Even if you’re using this bong with water pipes, your hits will be extremely smooth.

The bong also comes with a collector’s case, ideal for storage and even transportation.


GRAV bongs are one of the best for a reason — they get you higher than you could ever imagine. Let’s use the 12” Straight Base bong as the perfect example.

The straight tube fills up to the brim with smoke, so be ready to take a huge hit. If this is your first time using this bong, use ice instead of water for a smoother hit.

Don’t worry — this bong is still durable, thanks to the base disc. You can find this bong in colors white, black, green, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow.

Only Buy the Best Glass Bongs

If you’re looking for a new bong, don’t settle for basic glass bongs. The best glass bongs provide the richest smoking experience. You’ll only get great hits every time and you don’t have to worry about your bong breaking.

After you smoke your bong, you’ll need some good entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a new movie, a new band, or just want to read a bizarre story, we got it all. Continue reading our website!

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