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Tarom airlines check in

Tarom Airlines Baggage rules are must to follow if you are flying with Tarom Flight. Make sure that you have not packed heavy liquids, battery, weapon, Battery Equipment, Flammable liquid or material. Here we are listing the important rules and conditions which you must follow while travelling with the Tarom Airlines. It will help you to plan your Trom air trip more conveniently.

Tarom Airlines Baggage Rules

Two carry-on bags are allowed on board; the larger one is 55 x 40 x 20 cm, while the smaller one is more appropriate for a laptop bag or purse. The max dimension for an aircraft is 35 x 30 x 20 cm. Larger bags will be checked in for free. 

  • The cost of the ticket includes up to 23 kilograms of checked luggage. 
  • Pets are subject to additional costs. Pets are allowed on flights at a cost of € 25–50. 
  • The dimensions of a carry-on bag shouldn’t be larger than 55 cm by 40 cm by 20 cm.
    There’s a 10-kilogram carry-on weight limit. 
  • Unless you have additional checked-in luggage, carrying skis, golf clubs, and other minor sporting goods is free. 

Restricted Articles in Tarom Checked Bag

Parachutes: Travelers are able to check in parachutes as separate items even if they are not permitted to stow them in checked baggage.
Automobile Parts: If an automobile item is still sealed in its original packing box, it can only be checked as luggage. Any transported automobile component must also fit inside the specified checked baggage size and be devoid of fuel or oil.
Spray and Sparklers Paint/Spray Starch, Paint Thinner, and Turpentine
Oxidizing agents such as peroxides and liquid bleach
Dry Ice: up to 5.5 pounds
Anything else that local law considers to be a security risk
Poisons and contagious materials, including weed killers, insecticides, and live virus samples.

Restricted Article in Tarom Carry On Bag

Laptop Batteries: Laptop batteries alone are not permitted in checked baggage, but computers packaged with their batteries are OK. However, if the amount is modest, it can be transported farther in hand luggage. Lithium Batteries: The passenger must ensure that any lithium batteries they check into their luggage are no larger than 100 watt hours. However, travelers are permitted to take 100–300 watt-hour batteries in their carry-on bags. The TSA officials enforced the limits because carrying it beyond the limit raises the danger of combustion.
Another product that has a high danger of burning up is power banks. Dry cell batteries and spillable batteries 

Tarom Check in with Bag

Up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, you can check in online by going to the Tarom Airlines Check-In  site. In addition, you may use a self-service kiosk at the airport to check in or visit the check-in desk to talk with a Tarom Airlines agent.
By entering your flight details on the Tarom Airlines Flight Status , you can find out if your Tarom flight is delayed or on schedule. By going to the Tarom Airlines Flight Status Notification on website, you can also register to get email or text alerts on the status of your flights. 

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