More Information About dead body transports Kolkata

A cremation place is called a “shamiana ghat” in Hindi, and it is known as the place where people are cremated, according to Hindu customs. Usually, when people pass away, they are taken to the business, and a cremation ceremony takes place, in which all the men of the family participate. It is located far away from the general population and usually on the outskirts of the city, town, or village. This is done to minimize the interaction with the place or the dead bodies transported around the area. According to Hindu customs and beliefs, dead bodies and the cremation process is associated with bad fortune and are avoided before any critical tasks or even in general.

 Only men are supposed to participate in this process, and women and children are forbidden or advised against being a part of these processes. Firstly, the dead body is cleaned, and a small gathering of people is allowed to pay off their respects. Afterward, the men take the dead body to the cremation ghats, and then the son or the closest younger male relative is supposed to give fire to the pyre. Once the cremation process is complete, the ashes from the pyre are collected to be transported to the holy river, the Ganges. There are many prayers held by priests and events to provide the deceased person with peace and tranquillity, which they can take to their afterlife. This is an essential concept related to salvation and is of utmost importance. The transported dead bodies Kolkata are taken care of by the officials appointed and the family members.

Where are transported dead bodies Kolkata?

Since not all people pass away at home or a place near the cremation grounds, there are special ambulances and vehicles to transport dead bodies to the ghats to avoid any inconvenience or involuntary damage to the body. It also helps people that do not have the means for transportation of the dead body. The people can choose the time and date of the facility, and they are provided with a vehicle equipped with the means for easy transportation of the dead body.

Dead body transports Kolkata is also helpful in keeping track of the dead bodies cremated on a particular day and the people who visit the cremation grounds. Some records need to be maintained for official submissions. When dealing with dead bodies related to police investigations, the forms become extremely important for the investigation process. These ghats are equipped with all the required materials, and there are often people that sell/provide you with the wood and pyre for ease of access. According to the Hindu rituals, the place and time of cremation are essential, and no cremation ceremonies shall take place after the sunset. This is associated with the belief that after the evening, the ghosts and other negative energies become more active near the cremation grounds, and people should avoid visiting the settings. It is also associated with the concept of the salvation of the deceased soul, for the soul to rest in peace.

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