Best Weekend Getaways from Nagpur

Nagpur is close to several amazing spots that can quench your appetite for a fun, adventure-filled couple of days. The city lies close to some of the most incredible trekking spots, wildlife sanctuaries, and hill stations, making it one of the best places for a short holiday over the weekend.

You will have the opportunity to check out some truly pristine sightseeing spots and try some exhilarating, adventurous activities within a small radius from Nagpur. The most popular places to visit are anywhere between 30 and 100 kilometres from Nagpur. Planning the whole thing is as easy as booking a ride for you and your travel buddies using a top-rated taxi booking app in Nagpur.

Weekend getaway spots from Nagpur

Looking to get away from the chaos of the city for the weekend with some friends? Here are four of the top picks for weekend getaway spots near Nagpur:

  1. Waki Woods, Nagpur

If you’re in the mood to just unplug from the bustle of the city and picnic under the shadows of ancient trees, surrounded by lush greenery, or go trekking in the woods and enjoy some fun activities, the answer is closer than you might have imagined.

Just 30 kilometres from Nagpur is the spectacular Waki Woods, where you can try out archery, boating, go trekking and check out the nearby bird sanctuaries at Waki Pay. The tents at Waki Woods are equipped with electricity and phones as well. The traditional Waki dhabas are filled with delicious local delicacies to take your taste buds along on the ride.

Distance from Nagpur: 30km

Trip duration: 1 day

  1. Khekranala, Nagpur

Relatively close to Nagpur is the breathtaking Khekranala. Lying along the Chhindwara Road near Khapa, this destination is ideal for trekking and can be reached via a 40-45 minute ride. It is a beautiful dam site as well, as you can visit the beautiful Khekranala lake that hosts the Khekranala dam. A resort with great amenities is available to relax in. If you’re looking for something fun to do at Khekranala, there are a variety of water sporting activities to try.

Distance from Nagpur: 55km

Trip duration: 1 day

  1. Amba Khori, Nagpur

About 80 kilometres from Nagpur is the Amba Khori, where you can behold one of the most mesmerising and majestic waterfalls that nature has created. Located at the banks of the Pench River, these cascading waters will take your breath away and make you feel as though you’re in a real-life Bollywood film. Right next to the falls is the Totladoh Lake Dam, which is usually described as “the eyes of Shakuntala” due to its resemblance to the teary eyes of Kalidas’ epic heroine.

Distance from Nagpur: 80km

Trip duration: 2 hours

  1. Pench National Park

One of India’s most popular wildlife reserves, the Pench National Park, was made famous by Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 tale The Jungle Book, and it is just a car ride away from Nagpur! Unsurprisingly, the stars of the park are some of the same species as Kipling’s beloved characters––the Indian Wolf, the Sloth Bear and the Royal Bengal Tiger, to name a few. Other residents include jackals, wild dogs, wild boars, peafowls, Indian leopards, foxes, monkeys, striped hyenas, gaurs, barking deers and four-horned antelopes. The national park is a feast to the eye and worth your while if you want a truly exhilarating weekend experience.

Distance from Nagpur: 78 km

Trip duration: 1 day

As you can see, planning a weekend getaway from Nagpur is a breeze, thanks to all the incredible sites that are so close by to this incredible city. All you need to do is get a reliable Nagpur car hire for the trip. So take that leap and make your weekend an incredible one!

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