6 Great Activities to Do at The Gardens by Bay Singapore

Singapore has a lot of iconic structures to explore. One of them is Gardens by the Bay. It seems that you are entering a paradise once you arrive. Having a Gardens by the Bay voucher will be great since it offers interesting deals. Check the list below to know what you can do at Gardens by the Bay Singapore.

Exploring A Flower Dome

A wonderful Flower Dome will welcome you once you get in this area. It is a 1.28-hectare area, along with three large conservatories. Imagine that you are about to explore the Largest Glass Greenhouse in the world. This area is suitable for those who love nature. You can learn more about plants and flowers from five continents. You can even see the old olive trees, magnolia, and orchids that you can’t see outside.

Enjoy the Floral Fantasy

The Floral Fantasy is the next area that makes you don’t want to go home. It is the second part of the conservatories. The area consists of four zones inspired by fairy tales and other stories. You will be amazed by the beautiful and colorful flowers around this area. It looks perfect with sculptures and floral art. You will be grateful ever to receive a Gardens by the Bay voucher and explore Floral Fantasy.   

Explore Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is the last conservatory in the Gardens by the Bay. It is the habitat of any rare vegetation. The design looks amazing with a 35-meter-tall tower. You may not see the structure because it is covered by lush vegetation, but it makes this area look spectacular. One of the best attractions is the waterfalls. Imagine that this place has the largest indoor waterfalls in the world.

Visit Supertree Grove

The exploration is not done yet after exploring the three conservatories. This place offers you one more great attraction before leaving. You will see surreal structures once you exit the conservatory known as Supertrees.

It is a 25 to 50-meters height vertical garden. There are two towers with a connection to the OCBC Skyway. The area is so beautiful, along with the light and sound. It is also a place to see the outstanding view of the Marina Bay district from a different point of view. You have to go to a 50-meter-high observation deck and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery.  

Walk Through the OCBC Skyway

Don’t miss a chance to walk through the OCBC Skyway when visiting Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. It is a huge and long bridge that connects two Supertrees. You can enjoy the fantastic scenery from a 22 meters area above the ground, along with a 128 meters long walkway.

Capture the Beauty of Sunset

You would better go to the Bay East Garden in the afternoon. Then, explore the area while waiting for the most beautiful sunset there. You will feel a different sensation while capturing the sunset at the Garden by the Bay. It will be satisfying before leaving this conservatory. You are visiting a paradise and get a lot of experiences in this place.

So, if you want to enjoy nature and learn more about it, visit the Gardens by the Bay immediately. Take your Gardens by the Bay voucher and enjoy all the interesting deals. Don’t forget to bring your best camera because you will get a lot of beautiful spots and events to capture. Plus, you can also learn many things about nature, plants, flowers, trees, and others. You will go home with a lot of good memories that are hard to forget. The experiences and photos you share will make your friends curious and want to go to this place just like you. Indeed, you will miss this place once you leave the area and can’t wait for your next exploration.   

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