How do I manage My United Airlines Booking

united airlines manage booking

You can manage your United Airlines Booking by providing the important information about your booking. You must have your booking confirmation number, which is available on your ticket also. On the official website portal of United airlines you will find the feature of United My Trips from where you can manage your existing booking. Those who have not made any booking, are not able to manage their booking as it is only for real time passengers. Those who have booked any ticket with United Airlines and have valid information can utilize the United managed booking facility only.

How do I manage my United Airlines Booking

The most easy and quick method to manage your United airline booking is through mobile application or website portal. Login to the website portal or open the mobile application and visit united my trips option to manage your existing booking. You must have your ticket number to manage your existing booking in case you won’t be able to manage your booking. If you have already logged in to your account, then visit the my trips section and there you will find your upcoming journey details. From there you can manage your booking.

You can modify your booking using this option and also you can include add-ons for your journey. 

Open the website portal or mobile app of United Airlines and Login to the account.

Click on my trips section from the United portal.

If you want to change the flight, click on the “change flight” option and you will be ale to change the date, add or remove any flight booked by you.

Select the new flight which suits your day or timing preference.

Pay the change fee and difference in the fare and confirm your new journey. You can also add meals, paid seats etc during your journey.

What can you do with United Manage Booking Feature:

United manage booking allows you to change the date of existing booking. As it happens sometimes you need to change your plans. In that case you can change the timing or date of your booking and can book another flight. There will be a fee of change which depends on your journey and destination. 

This feature allows you to manage your booking completely like you can add meals, modify the date, destination and time of your flight. You can get all the relevant information on your ticket which are required to perform various managed booking options. Moreover you can also book another ticket if you are not able to fly on your previous date or time. You can also increase the weight allowance or modify it if there is any mistake in your name spelling etc.

Passengers must have the valid information in order to manage their United Airlines Booking. In absence of the United Airlines Ticket information, they won’t be able to manage their booking online or offline.

Who Can take advantage of United Manage Booking Facility

United Manage booking is for everyone who has booked a ticket with United Airlines. Those who are flying with the United Airlines can update or modify their trip using the Unite Manage Booking Feature utilizing their ticket number and last name of them. It allows you to make necessary changes after booking the ticket. It saves your time as you do not have to wait and you can make the relevant changes by yourself. These changes include change on the date, change of the day or time, name spelling or add allowance for a booked United airlines ticket.

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