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Easy Tips To Choose An Extended Stay Hotel

Here in the US, hotel rooms are pretty darn expensive. On average, you can expect your pocket to be $130 lighter for every night you spend at a US hotel room.

Of course, this expense is too much to bear even for an affluent individual. So, what can you do to save yourself from going broke especially when you need to stay comfortable while on a trip that can last anywhere between weeks to months?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. All you would need to do is book a suite at a renowned extended-stay hotel.

Okay, but how to find the right one?

Well, that is pretty as well.

All you would need to do is follow the tips mentioned below –

Choose an extended-stay hotel that offers special deals to their long-staying guests

Extended stay hotels come with lavish and fully furnished suites but don’t let only the looks or the feel of the room sweep you off of your feet.

You would need to ensure that the hotel is going to offer you deals especially when you are planning to be its guest for a month or more. You can always look for deals offered online. If you fail to find any, just give the reception a call and lay out your preferences. The chances are high that there might be some hidden deals that the hotel might offer after accessing your unique requirements.

Ensure that the room feels like home

In the opinion of a spokesperson for Hickory Extended Stay Suites – Fully Furnished Suites, while searching for an extended-stay hotel, a guest should prioritize their personal preferences. It is the only way they can ensure that the room will feel like home.

For instance, they would never want to share a common restroom especially when they are staying for weeks or months. Hence, choosing an extended stay hotel that offers suites with attached restrooms is the way of the wise.

Furthermore, eating out is unhealthy and costly. Since you will be staying for weeks or even months, why not cook your own meal? This will allow you to save a lot of money and remain healthy as well. Hence, choose an extended stay hotel that offers amenities like a kitchen, dining area, and a full-sized refrigerator, for the best results.

Make sure that the extended-stay hotel offers amenities that suit your needs

You are on a trip.

Now, whether it is business or pleasure, if you are staying for weeks or months, it is natural that you would have lots of dirty laundry. So, do you plan on cleaning them on your own by spending money on a Laundromat or do you want to save that money by choosing an extended-stay hotel that offers washing machines and dryers within their premises?

On top of this, you might want to calm your nerves by the pool or keep up with your workout schedule by spending some time on the treadmill.

Hence, choose an extended-stay hotel that offers amenities like the ones mentioned above that suit your unique needs.

You need to make sure that while you are staying at the extended-stay hotel suite, you are not feeling homesick. If you do, whether you are on a pleasure or business trip, your plans are bound to be ruined. Hopefully, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will find the extended-stay hotel that suits your needs in no time.

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