Questions arise while deciding a Wedding Hotel

It is really daunting and there are so many elements that go into selecting a place and there are so many differences between each wedding hotel. So, it would be a good idea to come up with few questions that one should be asking at a venue walk. These questions are divided into three different categories that is pertaining to the contract ones, pertaining to the logistics of the event and last one is pertaining to the rentals and vendors.

Let’s jump into the questions related to the contract that is how many hours are included in the actual rental. This is a general rule of thumb and takes about two hours for setup and one hour for Terron.

Next option will there be venue staff on-site throughout the entirety of the event. This is an automatic guess and it is important to figure out if there will be a manager or a coordinator or a site manager, they all have slightly different name but basically, the same role. In case, a breaker gets tripped or sprinkles go off, that might be happen, so don’t panic but someone who knows the wedding hotel well enough, to help with anything that may arise.

Question number three is related to rehearsal. Can have it on the site? This is a given with a lot of venues but some venues will not allow to have a rehearsal because likely, they will have another event happening the day before also.

Fourth question is the noise ordinances. This applies to most events that are happening outside, as it may be rule at some places that amplified music will be finished by 10p.m. Next question is about liability insurance who’s required to have it most often it’s in the amount of one million, it sounds scary but it is very easy for vendors to procure it. The security is also another question that is required when alcohol is involved to have some sort of security personnel around.

The next area of question is about logistics that is loading zone and parking more often than this tends to not be an issue because the venue is not surrounded by a lot of places that would inhibit loading or parking for vendors. Question number eight is about disability access who might be using a walker or having trouble walking or may happen to be in a wheelchair, make it sure that they have good and easy access to the ceremony and reception spaces. Make sure the restrooms are accessible to everyone and within the close distance enough. Next concern is about season.

This basically applies to every single season such as coat-check is available during winter months and space heaters. Next is getting rooms ready for bride and groom as well. Last question is about the hang stuff. There could be rose petals and it depends on coordinator or florist if they’re sick and grand exit. Can use sparklers? Can use confetti? Can use bubbles? All are sometimes open in some places, say no sparklers, no confetti as these are a fire hazard makes big mess but bubbles may potentially be fine, not a slip hazard.                                                                          

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