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Dos and Don’ts That You Must Follow While Using a Credit Card

A credit card is a good financial decision, but you must use it wisely. This is how reading this article would be helpful for you as it would talk about dos and don’ts regarding your credit card use. Using credit will give you a sense of power and security if you can properly use credit. A credit card can be used as a good alternative to taking loans.


Here are some dos you must consider when using a credit card. It would be beneficial for you.

  • Pay Credit Card Bills Within the Time

It is never a good idea to miss monthly credit card payments. Paying late payment comes with penalty charges. Moreover, paying penalty charges will affect your credit score negatively. Hence, it would help if you always made it a habit of paying your credit card bills every month on time. 

  • Contact Your Credit Card Service Provider If Required

If there is some issue like you forgot to pay your credit card bills or your card is not working, you should immediately contact your credit card service provider. Upon request, the service provider may exempt you from the late fees or resolve your other issues in the best way possible.

  • Take a Card With a Low-Interest Rate

You should get a credit card that comes with low-interest rates. Your card is to carry a specific balance you need to use following your needs and demands. On the other hand, it is important to understand the significance of compound interest. If there are unpaid bills from last month, you will be levied compound interest on them. Hence, it would be best if you considered this aspect seriously. 

  • Opt For Card Benefits That Suit You Best

Different credit card lenders provide you with different benefits with their cards. You should choose a specific card with those benefits that would be most useful for you. Do not just go for any random perks and benefits you do not need. For example, you must get a credit card with several travel benefits if you travel a lot. This is how you can make the best use of a credit card.


  • Don’t Miss Your Payment

You are never supposed to miss your credit card payments. Else you will have to pay late penalty charges. The interest rates on the late payments would be levied in a compound manner. So be careful about it.

  • Do not exceed your credit limit

It is never a good idea to exceed your credit limit while using your credit card. Upon doing so, you would be levied with higher interest rates for obvious reasons. It is always beneficial to stay within 30% of your credit limit.

  • Do Not Use a Credit Card In an Impulsive Manner

You are supposed to use your credit card only if it is needed. If you use your credit card impulsively, it won’t be good for you. The charges and payments would be increasing, so you might be unable to make the payments. This is an essential aspect to consider regarding credit card use.

Therefore, you should consider the above-given dos and don’ts while using your credit card. Following these tips, you can use your credit card in your favour.

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