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Best Ways To Explore The Culture Of Bikaner

Bikaner is a golden land of Rajasthan, famous for its culture and heritage. Bikaner will always keep you smiling with dressed-up camels, vibrant culture, and temple for rat and so on. How to enjoy the culture of the land during your vacation?

Here is the top way to enjoy the culture of Bikaner.

1. Be A Part Of Camel Festival

Visit during the second week of January to be a part of the most-cultural activity of the region, the camel festival. Watch decorated camel walking for a beauty contest, enjoy fair, exhibition, shopping and much more. You can find many local games conducted during this festival and, tourists are welcome to be a part of the events.

2. Try The Cuisine Of The Land

Bikaner cuisine is one-of-its-kind, when compared to the cuisine of the other parts of the state. Lentil and corn are commonly grown in this region. Thus, you would find a Mughal styled cuisine with more importance to these ingredients. Fresh green vegetables and water are used as minimal as possible. Instead, milk and butter are used to increase the richness of the dishes. Top dishes to try here are khata, sangria, pakodi, mangodi, rabdi, roti and others.

The cuisine is also famous for spices like mint, garlic, coriander and turmeric. Top spicy dishes to try here are khichdi, gatte ki sabzi, dal bati churma and others. Top desserts to try here are rasogulla, gaund pak, firni, ghevar, raj bhog and rabri.

3. Stay At Heritage Hotel

Do you want to experience the royal life of Rajasthan? Stay at a heritage hotel in the city and experience the history and royalty. The top heritage hotels of Bikaner are Laxmi Vilas Palace, Lalgarh Palace and others. The demand for the heritage hotel is very high. Thus, pre-book your rooms at least two weeks in prior to the vacation.

4. Shopping

If you are trying to relish the handicrafts and art works of the land, shopping is the best way to do so. Top places to shop in Bikaner are Lalgarh Palace Road, Bara Bazaar, Kote Gate Road, Junagarh Fort Road, Bukjia bazaar and others. Top items to buy here, as souvenirs are textile, leather goods, bangles, wood articles, glass embroidered works and others. The markets are also the best place to enjoy street food cuisine of the land.


Architectural sightseeing will help you understand the beauty of the land, importance of history and the artisanship of ancient Bikaner. Moreover, each historic monument has a story behind it. Your guide will share many interesting anecdotes associated with each structure, helping you understand the ancient lifestyle and beauty of the land.

Visit The Temple Of Rats

The Karni Mata temple holds more 25,000 rats in it. This is one of the holy spots in Bikaner. Rats are prayed to, in this temple. Delicacies are fed to the rat and the pieces nibbled by the rats are considered divine and given to the devotees. If a rat dies, a statue of a rat is erected inside the temple.

Bikaner Traditional Dance And Music

Visit any heritage hotel or top-notch hotels to dine with a background of Bikaner traditional music and dance. It is not easy to find any staged performances on the day of your visit. If you are able to find a community celebration with dance and music, try to be a part of it. You can also enjoy these art forms during Bikaner Camel Festival.

Apart from these, you can enjoy a camel safari, camping, wildlife spotting and many other activities in Bikaner. Bikaner’s culture is what that adds an extra ten pounds of beauty to the land and your North India Trip.

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