Best Travel places in Jackson         

Have you been to Jackson ever? Well, if you have not then you should surely visit the place. There are several fantastic museums here and it can cover a wide range of topics. The African- American culture of this place is unique and the art is also worth remembering. People travelling with their families would not find it difficult to find things to do here, as there are a lot of kid’s friendly spaces such as Jackson zoo, petrified forest, children museum and a lot more. It conducts a lot of events throughout the year and if you want to be part of it then you need to know the details. So, go through the content below and book your SkyWest airlines ticket at the earliest.

Bluff state Park

The park has a lot to offer to its visitors. Which includes educational exhibits, interactive exhibits, and thousands of gallons of aquarium network. There are around 200 native species of aquatic life here. The museum here has a wetland flora where you can explore various inhabitants like the alligators, turtles etc. kids also have a lot to have fun here which includes tree houses and park. So, book your tickets to Jackson to visit the bluff state park. SkyWest airlines helps you to book the flights in the most easy and convenient manner.

Mississippi Petrified Forest

This is one of the unique places that you might visit, and if you want to see an ancient forest turned into stone, then this is the place where you can be. Earth science museum is also located here and if you visit here you will know how the drastic changes take place over timeYoungsters visit this place to explore the treasure and the gem. The place is situated on the forest road. SkyWest airlines tickets help you to get the most amazing deals and offers.

Civil Rights Museum

This place has compelling exhibits and the visitors find the end of the civil war and the rest of the history of struggles, sorrow, triumph and a lot more. Visitors can see the photographs, read the quotes and also see what they have given up for the rights. There are multiple exhibits here and each exhibit depicts the role of church in the building community. So, you can book the SkyWest airlines flight and get access to a lot of offers and deals.

Agriculture and Forestry Museum

This museum is over 39 acres. It is one of the most popular places that you can visit here. It includes various exhibits like methods of transportation, replicas of shops, sugarcane mills, cotton grins and a lot more. There is also an area where one can explore the sustainable farming methods of livestock and nature trails. So, you can book your next flights to Jackson through the SkyWest airlines book a flight option. There is a lot to explore here and you wont get enough of it. SkyWest tickets would be the most convenient option.

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