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8 Things Not Covered Under A Travel Insurance policy in India

Travel insurance policies in India are exceptional to get you out of any mishaps whether you have cash shortages or you are stranded without any help. You also get to block your credit or debit cards when you misplace them and avail reimbursement for getting a replacement PAN.

You are also protected when you lose your baggage or cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

Other benefits that come with travel insurance is coverage in case of personal accidents. You are covered for any medical assistance or hospitalisation in such cases.

The majority of policy buyers fail to go through the terms and conditions. They expect their policy will provide coverage across all possible scenarios. However, this is not true, and one must look at the exclusions of the policy before buying one.

Some of the exclusions include:

  1. Medical claims arising from a disease not covered

Some domestic travel insurance policies in India protect you when you face a medical emergency. The same comes into effect during the trip or if you have to cancel it due to the illness.

Now, certain diseases may not be covered under a travel insurance policy. Similarly, your insurance will not protect you if you cancel the journey owing to a pre-existing illness.

  • Not reporting baggage loss within a specific time frame

The airline baggage loss must be reported within the period certified by your insurance provider. Not doing so will render the claim invalid.

Following are the supporting documents required in case of baggage loss:

  • Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • Letter from the Airport/Airplane authorities accepting the baggage loss.
  • Proof of compensation received from the airline.
  • Copy of passport and visa.
  • Losing belongings under intoxication

Your insurance scheme will not come into effect if you lose your valuables under intoxication. Domestic travel insurance in India covers loss of belongings caused by airlines, theft, and other uncontrollable situations.

Pocket Insurance schemes such as the domestic travel insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv protects you against baggage loss. A coverage up to Rs. 3 Lakh is offered to cover your losses.

  • Accidents caused during adventure sports

An insurance plan will not protect personal accidents that are caused by adventure sports.

You may want to opt for an insurance policy that covers such sports and activities. For example, Pocket Insurance schemes like Trek Cover keep you protected against accidents and hospitalisation caused while trekking.

  • Damages to vehicle as a result of traffic rule violation

A road trip is amusing as long as you don’t come across an accident or breakdown. Travel insurance plans protect you from such incidents provided they are not caused due to traffic rule violation on your part.

Your insurance policy provides roadside assistance only if the breakdown is unintentional. Pocket Insurance schemes like the Road Trip Planner from Bajaj Finserv offers 24×7 support in more than 500 locations around India.

  • Medical claims arising from self-inflicted wounds

Similar to particular diseases, you will not receive coverage if the medical claims arise from self-inflicted wounds. Such harm can result from mental disorders and conditions which insurance policies do not cover.

  • Cancellation of trip by the travel company

There may arise situations when a travel company may cancel your trip. In such cases, your insurance provider will not accept a claim for reimbursement. The travel company should be requested for a refund.

  • Damage to your house caused by natural events

A home protection insurance policy protects your home and its items when you are away. This scheme provides coverage against damages and loss of items caused by theft or burglary.

Damages caused by events like earthquake, flood, wind, fire, smoke, hailstorm, water, etc. will not come under the consideration. Similarly, injuries from a chemical, biological, or nuclear event are not covered under the policy. Other than the above, your travel insurance policy will not cover self-inflicted losses. Hence, it is best that you read through the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying.

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