The Five Amazing Fact about India

India is a fascinating blend of millennia with contemporary. With a very different culture, it creates in the traveler the crash of the impact on the first day, which turns the trip from simple tourism to an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Learn five facts about India that will awaken your will to pack and go to know this exotic destination.

 1- Culture

Culture is perhaps India’s biggest tourist attraction. All those colors, the saris of the Indian women, the belief in the gods and a lifestyle that contrasts drastically with the Western experience.

There is a lot of diversity in Indian culture, because although very old and rooted, it has been influenced over time by both Westerners and Orientals.

It is always a new experience to be in touch with the different, and walking the streets of India never ceases to amaze: cows, an animal sacred to the Indians, travel freely through the streets, chaotic traffic, unusual professions that attract attention and much more.

2- Cooking

Cooking in India is an experience in itself. Mostly vegetarian, it is difficult to find red meat in Indian restaurants. Although there are several types of vegetarianism in the country, because the cow is a sacred animal, you do not eat your meat.

Curry is a very popular spice in Indian recipes, which can also be very spicy to the Brazilian palate.

It is worth experiencing and getting to know the true taste of India, of course, being careful when choosing where to dine.

It is not recommended for tourists to consume street food in India, and since the stomach of Brazilians is not accustomed to the Indian seasoning, it is always good to carry indigestion medications and other gastric discomforts.

3- Temples

India is full of temples and mausoleums everywhere. It is worth doing a schedule to visit as many of them as possible, because the constructions are of an impressive beauty, full of details.

By visiting the temples, you can learn even more about Indian culture, its castes and devotions.

4- Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is the great postcard of India, and is a must stop in the country for tourists. It was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and is part of the seven wonders of the modern world.

The beautiful building has as its history the love of Emperor Shan Jahan for his late wife. He had the Taj Mahal built in honor of his memory. Also, know more about the Maharajas Express train fare for this season.

5- Nepal and the Himalayas

While in India, you can take the opportunity to travel to Nepal, taking a quick flight to Kathmandu.

Enjoy the beauty of the Himalayan ridge. Many tourists who are traveling through India and have time available, extend their trip to Nepal and visit the Valley of Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Temple, as well as getting to know the Nepalese culture, their songs and typical dances.

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