5 Travel Hotspots In Arizona

Traveling through the state of Arizona may not be at the top of your list of places to see, but there’s a lot more to the state than you might surmise.  Arizona offers an original culture, rich diversity, and plenty of attractions/activities to keep you busy during your travels. 

If you’re eager to explore the area, you may need a little guidance formulating your trip plans.  Check out some helpful information on a few travel hotspots in the state of Arizona, and prepare yourself to be delighted. 

The Grand Canyon

You won’t see many things in your life that rival the feeling and view you’ll get from standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  The sunset over the Grand Canyon will bring to life red, yellow, and orange hues from the cavernous rocks. 

The Colorado River carved out quite a spectacle for visitors to enjoy.  You don’t want to visit Arizona and not visit the Grand Canyon.  Check out the South Rim of the Canyon for plenty of lookout places. 

Phoenix, Arizona

If you like playing golf all year round, you can divert your travels to Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s a great place for winter golfing, and you won’t have to fight congested traffic. 

Driving in hazardous conditions could spoil a road trip in a hurry.  A traffic accident could leave you injured and put a premature end to your travels, so keep your eyes on the road as you explore this gorgeous desert city.

Flagstaff is a great pitstop

On your way to visit the Grand Canyon, make a pitstop in Flagstaff.  You’ll want to stay for more than just a few hours, so “pitstop” may not be the right terminology.  Flagstaff has a gorgeous historic district downtown that will give you plenty to do for the day. 

Sedona’s stunning red rocks

If you’ve never laid eyes on the red rocks of Sedona, then you need to add this destination to your travel itinerary.  Just about an hour and a half north of Phoenix, the trip to Sedona is just as beautiful as the destination. 

If you enjoy hiking, biking, and shopping, Sedona will appease your desires.  You can be assured that hiking in Sedona will present terrain and landscape views unlike any other place in the U.S.

Visit the Havasu Falls

You’ll feel like you’re in another country once you reach the waters of Havasu Falls.  Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, this destination is no flippant choice. 

You have to gain clearance to hike to the falls, so make sure you plan properly for the adventure.  Feast your eyes on the bluish-green waters of Havasu Falls after a well-plotted hiking journey. 

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