5 Great Places To Go Hunting

Whether you’ve been an avid hunter for your entire life or it is a new activity for you, one of the many benefits of hunting is that it can give you the opportunity to travel all over the world to places you may never have otherwise seen.

Hunting as a hobby is becoming more popular because people are beginning to realize what an important skill it is, and appreciating its benefits.  But don’t restrict yourself to your own backyard! Traveling to hunt will allow you to see all different types of plants and animals,  deepening your connection to nature. Should you need to upgrade your equipment before going somewhere new to hunt, don’t forget to shop around to see if there is a Bass Pro Shops promo code that you may be able to use to save some money on these new purchases. Once you have what you need, you can start thinking about where it is you might want to go. Here are 5 of the best places that you may wish to consider heading to for your next hunting adventure.


Covered with beautiful landscapes largely untouched by humanity, Montenegro is a great destination for hunting a wide variety of animals such as bears, wild boars, wolves, quail, and ducks, among others.

South Dakota, United States

If you chose to travel here to hunt, be prepared for the elements. Temperatures will often be well below freezing, with high winds on top of that. But if you’re okay with being a little cold and hiking long distances to get to the best spots, you’ll be rewarded awesomely. South Dakota is known as the pheasant capital of the world.


A small country in Eastern Africa, Tanzania is considered by many to be the ultimate hunter’s paradise. Not only does it boast game reserves and national parks aplenty, but you will have the chance to encounter and hunt animals you may not find anywhere else on earth.

Tanzania is filled with lions, buffalo, and other much more exotic creatures. There are even specific places where you can legally and ethically hunt rhino.

Texas, United States

Texas ranks first in total antlered buck harvest, so you know it’s a great place to hunt. Filled with plenty of big game and spacious hunting grounds, there are almost 100 different species free-ranging over thousands of acres. While you’re there, make sure to check the gun laws in the state of texas, so you can be sure that you are only ever legally using a weapon.


Alberta currently holds the record for bighorn sheep, and also offers world-class whitetail. This often overlooked landscape is absolutely gorgeous and has plenty of opportunities to test your hunting skills. Just some of the animals you’ll encounter here include giant Canadian moose, black bears, trophy elk, mule deer, and multiple species of fowl. Alberta Outdoors is a great company to contact if you require the help of a professional guide.

I hope your hunting hobby will take you all over the world, introducing you to new and different sights and experiences through landscapes and animals. To all of the places on this list and beyond!

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