Bali, a place to fall in love

Indonesia is becoming one of the most popular exotic destinations for honeymooners, competing with Caribbean destinations that have always been at the forefront of honeymoon trips.

Indonesia is a perfect destination to disconnect your mobile and let yourself be carried away by the infinity of adventures that its more than 17,000 islands offer. Bali and Jakarta are some of the most popular islands among tourists.

Bali, the Island of Gods:

In Bali, 90% of the population is immerse in a Hinduism full of rituals and ceremonies. A very common claim among couples is to marry by the Balinese rite that is full of mysticism and fosters an atmosphere of romanticism. Another added value that the island has is the economy that it is the lodging with respect to other destinations. Tourists can stay in hotels in Bali surrounded by an idyllic environment full of nature or next to its dream beaches made of crystalline water and fine white sand.

The Island of Gods offers not only landscapes that make you fall in love and invite you to reflect and meet yourself. Tourists will also have access to countless activities that can be practiced on the island such as diving, surfing (all types of water sports), nightlife and countless temples that are an architectural marvel as the “PuraBesakih” temple. It is one of the most important temples of Bali and is located on the slope of the volcano Agung and contains up to 22 different temples. One of the most impressive views of this temple is in the upper area, at the end, there is a dragon-shaped staircase that is a true spectacle of architecture. The forest of the monkeys is located in Ubud and is one of the most visited attractions on the island.

The forest is inhabited by dense vegetation among which you will find hundreds of monkeys.

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia:

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is located on the island of Java which is the island with the largest population in the country. Among its most important monuments, there is the cathedral located opposite the Great Mosque Istiqlal, and the Monas (monument representing the independence of Indonesia). It is best to stay in one of the city’s centrally located hotels for easy access to the city’s public transport. One of the most important train stations in the city is located in this area, which will allow you to visit other emblematic places of the island more easily.

The island of Java is known for the number of volcanoes that is home to the Merapi Volcano or Mountain of Fire that is in Yogyakarta (southwest of the island). Although to this day the volcano is still active you can hire some excursions and even watch the sunrise from the top of the volcano.

The charms that the Balinese islands offer are stunning, in addition to the fact that the islands are very different from each other and there will always be corners to discover in Bali, whether from a resort in Bali or a hotel in Jakarta the traveler will enjoy scenarios designed for the enjoyment of which it is easy to fall in love.

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