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10 of the best stag party ideas in the UK

As you’ll probably already have discovered if you’re the best man charged with the responsibility of organising the stag do for your best bud, there is hardly a tougher job in this world.

Regardless of whether the task has been forced upon you against your will, or you are the most trustworthy and reliable member of your gang and therefore took it upon yourself to get the weekend organised, the pressure to make a night memorable can be terrifying to say the least. But luckily for you, there is plenty of help just waiting to be found on the internet, and plenty of options to tick all of those boxes you’ve been given strict instructions to get checked.

Just do us a favour and don’t start binge-watching the Hangover series. It has been done to death and it’s unlikely that replicating any activity featured in the films will fetch you any brownie points from anyone (other than that one stag who thinks no stag party is complete without a criminal sentence at the end of it).

The following are some unconventional, as well as tried-and-tested firm favourite, stag party activity days that will have your best friend’s last weekend of freedom going down in history… for all the right reasons.

Beach Party

How epic would a house rental be with a view of the ocean? You get a lot more than just a good view when you decide to rent a beach house for your stag’s last night of freedom. Think BBQs on the beach, boxes and boxes of beer, impromptu jams if someone brings a guitar, and the kind of chilled out vibe that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Incidentally, this could just work out much cheaper than your average stag do night out too, so it’s great if your participants are on a budget but you don’t want to cut back on the full stag experience. 

Sporting Event

As ancient legend goes, nothing helps a group of guys bond quicker than booze and sports. It might not be the most original idea ever but if there’s an event that happens to be on the right weekend for your stag, you could tick so many boxes with this one. Make it special with hospitality tickets or a VIP experience and this tried-and-tested formula can be elevated to the next level.  

Rent out a Video Game Lounge

If your best friend has a weak spot for video games, you could consider hosting his last night of freedom in a video game lounge. Spending an entire night playing the latest and greatest video games is something he’s unlikely to be given a hall pass to do very often once he’s married so why not let him indulge his passion this one last time. To give it an edge, organise tournaments to make it competitive. And if you want to make it really interesting, turn it into one massive drinking game.

Skydive Together

What better way to bid farewell to your best friend’s bachelor days than do a skydive together? What a story that would make! If you don’t want to go the whole hog, you can always go for an indoor skydiving experience but if it’s adrenaline you’re after, it has to be the real thing. It may not be as inexpensive as the other idea of paintball on this list, but if you can afford it, this is an activity that you must try as a group.


Paintballing might not win points for originality but it is universally popular for a reason. A gang of guys dressed up like soldiers, running around the woods and shooting at each other with Guns for paintballing seems to win the day every time. Maybe it’s a way of re-living our childhoods. Pew pew!

The Ultimate British Pub Crawl

For those who are unaware, the ultimate British pub crawl is a legendary walking route which is 143 kms in length and takes you through 26 country pubs. As you may have already guessed, it is not an activity for those with weak legs… or weak livers. You need to cover somewhere between 17 to 22 kms in a day to cover the route in 8 days, which means you can comfortably lie to everyone at the wedding saying that you guys did an ultramarathon together.

Become Bear Grylls

If the groom-to-be is a big fan of Bear Grylls, you can sign up for a Bear Grylls adventure experience. According to Bear Grylls, a person must be acquainted with four skills to survive in any situation. They are archery, solving mazes, overcoming physical obstacles and solving escape rooms (sort of). The Bear Grylls adventure centre in Birmingham gives you the chance to try out your survival skills, and have a lot of fun with your gang at the same time.

Drive a Tank

If the idea of paintballing is too amateurish for you, then trade the paintball guns for a genuine FV432 tank at Armourgeddon in Leicestershire. Your gang will be required to work in three teams for driving and shooting the 40mm cannon that fires paint. Whatsmore, you will be pitched against 11 other tanks on the paint battlefield to make it even more exciting.


If your best friend likes his stag dos a bit more sedate, then camping is an excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature, and your friends. You will be amazed at how relaxing and invigorating it can be to get out in the woods and forget life, and the wedding plans for a bit.


Shooting is another firm favourite amongst stag parties. It might not be exactly Reservoir Dogs but holding a gun in his hands is bound to make any stag feel like the don for a while.

For this you might need to rent or purchase AR-15 magazines and guns to ensure that everyone has a great time.

These are just ten of the hundreds of ideas out there to make your stag night a memorable experience. Whatever your plans though, remember it’s your stag’s party and whether it fits with tradition and everyone else’s idea of what should happen on a stag do or not, if it’s something he’ll enjoy, it’s a good idea.

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