When is the Right Time to Charter Your Own Flights?

Did you miss your flight at the last minute again?

It’s not enough to show up two hours early anymore. After standing in long security lines and weaving through airport crowds, there’s barely enough time to enjoy a coffee and doughnut before your flight.

While these issues may seem like “minor inconveniences” on the outside, nuisances pile up and detract from experiences. Poor flight experiences throw off travel itineraries, moods, business meetings, and more.

Forget what you see on TV. You don’t have to be rich and famous to charter a plane. Discover more reasons to rent a private plane!

Passengers with Disabilities

Airports and commercial planes can only do so much to accommodate passengers with disabilities.

Priority boarding, upfront seating, wheelchair accessible airport bathrooms, and accessible charging ports are just a few amenities offered. While airlines do what they can, private planes go the extra mile.

Disabilities aren’t just physical, either. Several “invisible” disabilities make traditional flying difficult for many passengers.

Some passengers may require private waiting areas, away from other passengers. Fortunately, FBO waiting lobbies and services are available for private plane passengers at local airports. Learn what to expect from FBO amenities before chartering your first private flight.

Passengers with disabilities (and their families) enjoy courtesy vehicles, luggage help, refreshments, concierge services, and more amenities. These perks make waiting, boarding, and in-flight experiences that much easier.

Destination Weddings

Is your destination wedding on the horizon? Maybe your bestie is finally throwing that dream wedding in Paris?

Instead of crowds, never-ending security lines, and minimal legroom, rent a plane for the big day.

Think of it like renting a limo for prom. Stock your private plane with all your favorite cocktails, snacks, and desserts. You could even throw a bachelorette (or bachelor) party on your rental!

Chartering a private plane for your wedding may be less expensive in the end.

Compare the costs of chartering a flight vs. commercial flights for all of your friends and family. If it’s cheaper to rent a plane, everyone could split the costs of the flight. Plus, you get more time to hang out with your favorite people before the big day.

Business As Usual

Are you losing money to flight delays? One missed flight could spell the end for a big account.

Compare the total costs of company commercial flights vs. private jets. Are your sales executives getting bigger and better accounts while chartering flights? Calm flight experiences improve productivity, focus, and creativity, three assets for business.

Private jet terminals are much calmer than regular airport waiting areas. Business travelers have more space to work and don’t have to search for a laptop charger outlet. These conditions are perfect for professionals who head straight to meetings after flights.

Should You Charter a Plane?

Think about your upcoming trip. Could you or your party benefit from a private plane?

Compare prices with the mental, physical, and financial tolls of flying commercial, and check out the blog for more travel tips and hacks for frequent flyers!

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