What’s the Best Age to Start Snowboarding?

If you love snowboarding and have been doing it for years, you might be wondering what the best age is to train your child. You are probably eager to get started as soon as possible so that you can all enjoy the sport together, but you are also more than aware of the dangers that the sport poses. So, when is the right time for children to learn to snowboard?

Teaching a Child to Snowboard

When a child should learn to snowboard depends on many factors. There is no exact answer to this, and it really is a matter for the parents to decide. Some will teach their kids to ski before they attempt to put them on a snowboard, and this makes sense because very young children find it hard to get the hang of standing sideways on a snowboard. 

It is generally recommended that children be at least three before they learn to ski. Learning to ski first will get children used to being on the snow and it makes it easier for them to transition to a snowboard when they are a bit older. Most people will wait until their child is between the ages of five and seven before they introduce them to snowboarding. 

What to Consider

If you have experience snowboarding, you will already know the importance of keeping your child warm. Your child will need layers when out in the snow, and weather proof clothing is a must. Because your child is likely to spend more time in the snow than you do as they learn, you must make sure that he or she is kept warm and dry. 

You might have your own snowboard but buying one for your child is usually inadvisable, especially when they are learning. The folk at Canyon Sports say that snowboard rental is a better option for kids. This is because they may need to change equipment as they grow or improve their skills. Leased snowboards will be in tiptop condition and ready to use. They will not need to be waxed or tuned by you or your child. 

You can teach your child to snowboard or hire an instructor to give lessons. Instructors usually teach children in enclosed areas that contain simple obstacles. This makes it easier to instruct them how to turn and control the board. 

Some parents will attempt to teach their child themselves. While this is entirely possible, you may find that the child responds better to an instructor. You should only take this job on yourself if you are naturally patient and good at explaining things. 

Once the child learns how to master the art of making both a left and a right turn and how to stop, he or she will likely get the hang of snowboarding pretty quickly. Once they have the basics, you can enjoy the activity together and start having fun. 

Teach Your Child How to Be Safe

As well as mastering how to turn and stop on the board, your child must learn how to stay safe. Teach your child how to keep their head and arms in when they fall and impress the importance of always wearing the right protective gear such as helmet, wrist guards, and knee pads. 


There is no exact age to teach a child how to snowboard but the earlier they learn, the quicker they will pick it up. The ideal age is between five and seven as children younger than that might find it hard to get the hang of standing sideways on the board. You can teach your child to snowboard, but it may be better to get an instructor to teach the basics.

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