What are some things to do in Los Angeles for free?

We all know that Los Angeles is one of the most costly cities in California to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel on a budget. In truth, there are many free activities in Los Angeles. So, in this Los Angeles guide, I’ll cover over 25 of the finest free things to do in Los Angeles!

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1. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is one of the greatest free things to do in Los Angeles. They not only have a wealth of hiking paths throughout Griffith Park, but they also provide a wonderful Cosmos experience through their Samuel Oschin Planetarium, telescopes, and displays. It’s also a great spot to see the sunset over the Hollywood Hills, with Downtown Los Angeles in the distance. The observatory is accessible, with neighbouring paid parking and free parking a short walk away. There is also public transport available to get to the place.

2. Museum of Art

If you live in Los Angeles, you should add the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to your list of free things to do. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can still visit the popular (and cool) Urban Light art project. This amusing exhibit features 202 refurbished street lighting from the 1920s and 1930s. Because this project is open 24 hours a day, you can view the bulbs all lit up at night! If you are a resident, you can get in for free after 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

3. Getty Center Villa

The Getty Villa Museum always includes unique exhibitions that are always engaging, and focused on nature-based, influenced, and historical topics. In a recreated Roman house filled with 4,000 years of old art, they focused on ancient Greek and Roman art. This site is on the coast between Malibu and Santa Monica, so prepare to experience the sea breeze.

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4. The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is, without a doubt, the most famous Californian attraction! You’ll be glad to know that it’s also one of the top free attractions in Los Angeles! These hiking trails can be here. If you don’t want to hike the 3-plus miles through the Hollywood Hills, go straight to Hollywood Lake Park. There were few people there during our visit, and it provided fantastic views and images of the sign!

5. Venice Canals

Another fantastic site to watch the sunset that is also a free activity in Los Angeles is the Venice Canals. Explore the canals, traverse the charming bridges, and see some of Venice’s most beautiful residences. I couldn’t help but peek at the prices of some of these properties, and it’s safe to say that my writing profession will not be able to afford one of them lol. Check them out if you’re on your way to or from Venice Beach. The Venice Canal is also a fantastic location for photographs.

6. Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is the place to go for breathtaking (and free) vistas, exercise, and the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities. Runyon Canyon, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, has 160 acres to explore, yet there are a few popular hiking trails. They also welcome pets! Runyon Canyon also provides an excellent view of Los Angeles. The hiking routes are likely to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

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