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Top Tourist Attraction in Paris

Paris is the capital city of France. This capital city is the most stunning and renowned tourist destination in the world. The city is home to many spectacular places. Above all, the city is known as the “city of love” and “city of lights,” 

The capital city Paris is today one of the world’s leading centers in terms of business, fashion, entertainment, art, and culture. Adore several attractions in the city with your loved ones with Aeromexico Airlines Booking.

You will find the world’s finest designer names including Yves Saint-Laurent, Lancôme, L’Oréal, and Christian Dior. So, have the pleasure of wandering the streets of the city with your family or friends!

1. Place des Vosges

Visit the Place des Vosges which was formerly called Place Royale. This attraction was the prototype for all residential squares in Europe. The Place des Vosges was built from the same design which is red brick with steep-pitched blue slate roofs. However, it is shaped like a true square. This attraction is the first city square that was planned by a monarch (Henry IV in the early 17th century).

2. Moulin Rouge

This is the most exciting tourist attraction that was made in the year 1889. This year is famous as when France’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, was constructed. The Moulin Rouge opened its doors as an entertainment venue. This attraction was opened, that catered to the rich who wanted to “slum” it.

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3. Conciergerie

Tour the Conciergerie that was built in the 10th century. This is to be the main palace for French kings who, over the centuries, made it large. Come to the center of the hall which was one of the largest in Europe. There is another hall that used to be the place for the palace’s 2,000 workers ate. This also includes some buildings that were converted into a prison in the 14th century. However, this palace later became a revolutionary tribunal and prison during the Reign of Terror. This center has famous prisoners including Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry. 

Explore the Conciergerie which is a popular tourist attraction in Paris but also still serves as court with Aeromexico Airlines Flight Booking.

4. Pantheon 

Have you been to the Pantheon before? Come to this location that is where famous French citizens are buried. Modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, this building was originally a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, who is the patron saint of Paris, and her relics. Watch out for the church that was rebuilt in the neoclassical style by King Louis XV. He made to thank God for his recovery from a serious illness. Later, it was changed to a mausoleum during the French Revolution to honor revolutionary martyrs. In this place, famous people buried the list include Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Marie Curie.

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