Extreme relaxation in the Polish-Slovak border region

Mountain trails, bicycle paths, wandering through more or less known corners and spots, rest in the bosom of nature, hot tea drunk in a mountain refuge… who wouldn’t dream of such a holiday? Hiking uncrowded mountain paths in peace and quiet. Recreation in the Carpathians, in the Polish-Slovak border region, has many advantages, which are brought to our attention by associations and organisations working for the development of Carpathian tourism, including the Carpathia brand, which strives for the recognition of the beauty of Carpathian nature and the heritage, which we should take care of.

Into rough water

Presenting the Carpathians as an interesting tourist destination is not only about promoting leisure activities, but also showing other options. Not everyone expects peaceful walks or visiting museums; there are as many ideas for holidays as there are tourists, whose needs are to be satisfied. The organisers of extreme expeditions, white-water rafting, or even parachute jumps, are trying to meet the demand. There is no lack of this type of attraction in the Polish-Slovak border region. Popular rubber dinghy rafting trips are an attractive alternative to traditional flisak rafting boats. The best places for this type of activity are the towns located on the banks of the Dunajec River. Since the river is calm and suitable for taking first steps in the field of rafting, this is an interesting option for beginners. The Belá River, which is the most turbulent natural river in Slovakia, will be ideal for a bit more experienced adventurers.

If not water, then maybe air? A jump from a few thousand metres will remain a vivid memory for a long time and will provide you with a huge dose of adrenaline. There are sky-high evolutions in the Podhale region waiting for the most courageous, but if the step forward at 4000 metres is too much of a challenge, you can also take advantage of the tourist flight offer, for example over the Bieszczady Mountains. A glider reaches the height of one thousand meters, from which you can admire the beautiful mountains, almost untouched by civilisation, along with the picturesque Lake Solina. Particularly magnificent views are ensured in the autumn season, when beech forests of the Bieszczady are shimmering with almost all shades of gold and brown.

In winter time

Winter also is a good time to try something more than just downhill skiing and snowboarding. Snow gliding, a winter variant of paragliding, is becoming more and more popular. The skier is linked to a small paraglider-shaped wing, which, carried by wind, allows them to make high and long jumps from the mountainside. Even with a light wind you can achieve a speed of over 70 km / h! This sport is dedicated primarily to ski tourers, who thanks to wings can travel longer distances in a shorter time and reach places of a difficult access. What is interesting, this discipline wasn’t invented in Scandinavia, USA or Canada, but in Polish part of the Bieszczady, which according to snow gliding lovers create perfect conditions for its practising.

As we can see, there are many options of leisure activities and even extreme sports that can be practised during different seasons, on the ground and in the air. Almost in every region of the Polish-Slovak border region we can find a place where we can try something completely new. The most important thing is to spend your free time in a nice way and take a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city, whether hiking the trails or parachute jumping from the height of four kilometres.

CARPATHIA is something more than a territorial brand – it is a way of thinking about the Carpathians. Join us to contribute to the economic quality mark of the Carpathians, which accumulates the best products, attractions and services unique for the Carpathians.

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