Top 5 Attractions and Amazing Things To Do In Devon

Devon is one of the prettiest counties to visit in England. From its great food to coastal area it is considered a great place to visit for short & long trips. So if you are also planning a trip to this wonderful place note down these top five attractions in Devon to enjoy the most of your vacation.


If you are a lover of history and spooky tales, Dartmoor is the place for you. Located in the south of Devon and protected by the national park, several parts of this place were previously used as military fire ranges. It is a very popular tourist destination and the climate is generally milder and wetter than the rest of England. The whole place is adorned with standing stones or long stones, stone circles, cairns and stone rows. Also, Dartmoor is more specifically known for its myths and legends about the headless horseman, pixies, spectral hounds and the large black dog.  To top these spooky things of, the devil is said to have visited the land in 1638!


Saunton is a village which is located nearly two miles away from Braunton and falls on the North of Devon coast in the South West of England. The village borders the North Devon’s biosphere reserve which is a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve. The best part? There is a beach too in Saunton! Holidays in Devon is incomplete without a visit to Saunton. The place is perfect for anyone who is looking for affordable accommodations in the form of vacation rentals!

Powderham Castle

This castle is a fortified manor house located in the fringes of the parish and previous manor house of Powderham. The main entrance gates are located in the northeast of the village of Kenton. The castle is the home to the Courtenay family who is the Earls of Devon. The whole castle is regarded as a historic park and garden. It has seen both the war of roses and the civil war.


Haytor is also known as the Haytor rocks. It is on the eastern edge of Dartmoor in Devon. The rocks are famous for its natural beauty and the view it offers of the vast coastline. The view from the Haytor rocks is considered to be one of the top ten ones in England!

Dartmoor Zoological Park

You all remember the movie and book, “we bought a zoo”? This is the story behind it. The zoo was run by Ellis Daw who later sold it to Benjamin Mee who moved into the area with two of his children Milo and Ella. The zoo is home to over 70 different animal species including some endangered and critically endangered species!

So if you are visiting Devon do not forget to go to these places and have the best time of your lives. There is so much to learn from this place. You can actively take part in different activities including surfing, hiking and even sightseeing all through Devon. What more do you want from a holiday? Go dive in and have a great holiday in Devon!

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