Things to do in Newark

Newark, New Jersey, has not always had a good reputation. Despite having had many lives since its establishment in 1666, it is currently recognised by an ugly epithet – Brick City. The moniker alludes to the city’s many brick housing developments.

But, New Jersey’s largest city is its residents for its diversified culture, bustling art scene, and dedication to its people. As time has passed, the many people who love and call Newark home have revitalised it once more. 

When you go into Newark, you’ll be people who are to their community and want to see it prosper. 

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1. Prudential Center

New Jersey had had several notable sports teams. Although clubs such as the New York Giants still play in New Jersey, the New Jersey Devils are the only team that still bears the New Jersey name. This multi-purpose arena was 2007 in Newark’s economic centre. The Prudential Center is not for sports. Throughout the year, this arena hosts everything from concerts to ice skating shows. The Prudential Center is revitalising Newark as an entertainment hotspot, so if you’re planning a visit, the Prudential Center offers a big list of entertaining things to do in Newark.

2. Performing Arts Center

The Prudential Center isn’t the only spot in Newark to attend a show. If you enjoy live performances, one of the coolest things to do in Newark is to visit the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, often known as NJPAC.  As a cultural institution, NJPAC is one-of-a-kind. This location is home to three theatres.  

3. Newark Print Shop

The Newark Print Shop’s main objective is to foster the fine art of printmaking by offering an educational environment with access to expert equipment. The Print Shop hosts the Print Club once a week, making it one of the most unusual things to do in Newark. It enables beginning printers to learn more about the craft. You’ll make your reservation online, submit your image, and then schedule your appointment to bring your creativity to life. Professionals will teach you how to create these colourful and gorgeous prints!

4. Newark Museum of Art

The Newark Museum of Art is an investigation of how art reflects the diversity of cultures from around the world and throughout history. This vibrant site has a variety of buildings and outdoor settings to explore. The Fire Museum, devoted to the valour of the city’s firemen, and the Old Stone School House, Newark’s oldest standing school building, are both located in the Garden. There are also fascinating sculptures built among the luxuriant vegetation. It now houses the Ballantine House Galleries, which feature works from the museum’s global art collections.

5. Newark Moonlight Cinema

They founded the Newark Moonlight Cinema, a drive-in movie theatre that aimed to spotlight Black filmmakers, performers, and actresses while also creating a safe space for their community to gather. When the year 2022 arrived, several people inquired about the owners’ plans to reopen for shows. Stafford-Morris and Morris, but, thought it was time to continue their work in a different way. Seasonal activities are now held at the Newark Moonlight Cinema. Despite the fact that this location is no longer a drive-in, it’s worth keeping an eye on them to see what they come up with next.

6. Newark Symphony Hall

The Newark Symphony Hall was opened in 1925, has been listed on the National Registry of Historical Places from 1977. This majestic neoclassical structure serves as a community enrichment centre. It began as the Salaam Temple, then renamed “The Mosque,” and became the epicentre of Newark’s live entertainment industry. The Salaam Temple survived the Great Depression because the Griffith Music Foundation took control and converted it into a location where artists of all kinds wanted to stop on their tours.  

7. Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park, which is on both the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places, was an Army training area during the Civil War. It has grown into a 360-acre urban oasis surrounded by beautiful nature. The park’s mascots, the legendary Prudential Lions, who have stood in front of the lake for more than 50 years, can be in the Music Court sections. In this attractive part of the park, you’ll also find an education centre. 

8. Mural Walking Tour

There are hundreds of murals and artworks to admire across Newark. You can also go closer to Broad Street to witness the stained-glass-like Guardian of the City, the Underground Railroad quilt on A Path to Freedom, and the all-encompassing Migration Is the American Way. Many of the murals in Newark pay homage to the city’s history and culture. Taking a mural walking tour is like visiting both a history and an art museum, and it’s one of the greatest Newark activities for any arts and culture enthusiast. 

9. Cathedral Basilica 

If you enjoy history, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, North America’s fifth-largest cathedral, should go on your Newark bucket list. This French Gothic Revival church is the current seat of the Archdiocese of Newark, and it is a true architectural gem. It was close to Branch Brook Park on Newark’s highest point and covered 45,000 square feet. It is the same size as Westminster Abbey in London and taller than St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. 

10. Grammy Museum Experience 

The Grammy Museum Experience, located at the Prudential Center, is an intimate peek at the Recording Academy and one of the most interesting things to do in Newark. The museum has rotating themed exhibits such as “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” This exhibit transports you to the early 1960s in America when Beatlemania was at its peak. Everything from Paul McCartney’s original lyric sheets to handwritten setlists for previous shows may be here. The museum also conducts events related to the current show, such as discussions with Beatles historians. 

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