India… a country rich in culture, diversity, and traditions. Who knew this magnificent country had an unexplored facet that brings out the joy and vibrancy in everyone? Who knew that India has one of the sparkling nightlife’s that one could ever imagine? If you are in India and you haven’t gone out in the night, what are you enjoying anyway바카라/ ?

People in India didn’t use to believe that there could be nightlife as well or there could be a number of fascinating activities one can do at night, apart from just dining and going to bed. But things have gradually changed with the western approach in India. Almost every metropolitan city has late night discos, pubs, lounges, music concerts, restaurants, and bars opened through the entire week. Even there are many late night events organized for the people to have fun and forget all their stress for one time.

How about getting to know about the best things that you can do while you’re out in India at night?

Goa- Talk about experiencing nightlife in India and Miss Goa? How is that even possible? Goa might just be a casual state for some, but just wait when the night falls and every brick of the state screams “celebrations” all over. This is where you can have exotic beach parties, reasonable booze, discos, full moon trance parties, rave parties, and casinos all for yourself. If you are in India during Christmas and New Year, you know you have to party in Goa.

New Delhi- Do you want a class and variety in your nightlife? Well, here you are in New Delhi, the capital of India. This is exactly where you’re meant to be if you’re looking to experience the mood of the night. Find you drinking kamikazes in bars and dancing in discos in Connaught Place and be a part of a luxurious party in the Kylin Bar in Vasanth Kunj. However, if you want to enjoy some good Karaoke, make sure you stop by at Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar at Hudco Place.

Mumbai- As we call it ‘The City of Dreams’, Mumbai is famous for its nightlife, apart from all that glamour and Bollywood. You cannot miss some worldwide famous international celebrities, DJs, and bands performing and partying in Mumbai late at night. The Taj Hotel is famous for the ‘All-Night Insomnia Parties’. There is a Harbour Bar at the Taj Hotel where you can party gracefully in vintage style. If you wish to party hard, Colaba Social is your destination.

Bangalore- The IT hub of India is also worldwide famous for its exotic nightlife. However infamous for being a workaholic city, Bangalore do possess all the fun and enjoyment you’ll need while you party. While Delhi is the capital of India, Bangalore is the pub capital of India. Why? Because this amazing city has got over 40 pubs. Beer, dancing, hookahs, and partying is what you can do in Bangalore with your friends all night.

Hyderabad- Spare a night just for yourself in Hyderabad. The city is not just famous for its Biryani and Char Minar, but also its exotic nightlife that’s enough to ruse anyone to pay a visit to the city. A vast number of clubs, discos, bars, and lounges await your presence for the whole night and not just a few hours. Some of the finest places to party and have fun are Rain Escape, Hard Rock Café, Touch, F Bar, 99 MHz, and Under Deck. Chandigarh- Not very far from New Delhi, Chandigarh possess every quality of a perfect nightlife you’ll ever have. The city itself is freaky, energetic, and romantic. Talking about a vigorous nightlife and not include the amazing people of Punjab would be stupid. Their spirit and energetic personality is the reason you’ll party hard here. The moment they let some Punjabi music begin, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing. Some of the best places where you can party hard are Zinc Lounge, Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar, Lava Bar, Arizona, Oriental Lounge, and Antidote.