Safety Tips During Your Travel in Trains in India

Considering a Mumbai local train insurance policy? It may well be a good decision if you’re the kind who travels regularly on trains. Insurance for Mumbai local travelers is a specific type of policy that will cover any loss/theft/damages while you are travelling on trains. This is a must for all those who regularly travel in trains throughout the country, mostly for commuting to work. Find out the right insurance scheme for Mumbai local commuters or train travelling in other cities and locations. A Mumbai local train accident cover will help you stay secure whenever you are travelling since train travel can be a risky proposition at times. Since most trains are packed with sizable crowds, there is always a risk of theft and loss of valuables along with other hurdles.

The world’s 3rd biggest railway network, Indian Railways ferries millions of citizens each and every day across India. The railways are preferred by the masses due to the considerably lower fares and higher availability of trains to almost all locations while there is adequate comfort to be expected during the journey as well in most cases. You should always look out for suitable insurance plans to cover any unforeseen situations. Additionally, you should always follow a few tips in order to stay safe while travelling on trains.

Firstly, be alert when you are on the railway platforms. Do not ever cross railway lines to get to another platform since many people have lost their lives while doing this carelessly. If you have to get to another platform, use the over-bridge for this purpose or take another route from outside the railway station if that is more convenient. Additionally, do not consume any food offered to you by people who are unknown since this may have disastrous consequences later on. Many a time, thieves use sleeping medicines or other such contaminants for food which they use to drug passengers and subsequently loot their belongings. Several thieves also try this method when you are waiting at the railway platform. As a result, politely decline any food offered to you by unknown people.

There are long queues ahead whenever it comes to railway station ticket booking counters. In order to avoid the crowds and subsequent risks, always reach the station a little early in order to buy your ticket. There is always a rush of people who keep running towards the train whenever it arrives with a view towards landing vacant seats in general berths. Always keep yourself safe while boarding and it goes without saying that you should avoid this rush. The Indian Railways has issued safety tips for passengers over the years while taking various safety measures as well. However, people ignore these regulations blatantly and several lives are lost each year due to sheer apathy and carelessness of the people involved.

Follow these tips and get your insurance plan in order if you travel every day via local trains.

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