Mumbai trip through Deccan Odyssey

Mumbai, India’s commercial capital and the busiest city in India. Mumbai is flocked with rich heritage sites, busy markets, cultural attractions, blissful beaches, natural scenic spots etc. The city is always busy with hordes of people roaming on roads. It seems like the city never sleeps.

Mumbai trip through Deccan Odyssey luxury train is very easy because the train origin point is Mumbai only. Different packages are available to Mumbai through Deccan Odyssey. Let’s known about some important tourist spots to be covered in Mumbai.


Mumbai city is home to many heritage sites, temples, beaches, museums, naturalistic attractions, etc. A day experience in Mumbai lasts for you as joyful memory days in your life. Here is the list of places to be visited in Mumbai.

Historic and Heritage sites:

Historically, there is a lot to see in Mumbai. Many monuments and constructions in Mumbai exhibit Mumbai’s past. The architectural styles and attractions explain us Mumbai’s bygone era.

Gateway of India: Gateway of India is the right example to known about the history of Mumbai resided by the side of the Arabian sea. This 85 feet tall structure was built in memory of soldiers who died in World War. A perfect monument to see the three different architectural styles namely Hindu, Islam, and European Gothic styles.

Fort Bassein: Fort Bassein is a great Fort built by the Portuguese. The fort is almost ruined because it was neglected. But a good destination to visit due to its pleasing environment and some natural attractions.

Flora Fountain: Flora Fountain is India’s one of the Heritage structures, built in 1864. The major attraction of the Flora Fountain is the statue of the Roman Goddess at the top. At evening the place will be so beautiful with lit fountain. A nice place for leisure walks in Mumbai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a UNESCO heritage site due to its different architectural styles. The Indian, Victorian, and Gothic styles of the Terminus attracts everyone. Actually, this terminus is a Railway Station. From here many luxury trains departs and one of them is also the Deccan Odyssey.

These are the few historic and heritage sites you have to add in your Mumbai trip when you visit.

Religious Sites:

Mumbai is also a diverse place with numerous cultural attractions and religions. And the religious sites of Mumbai are:

Haji Ali Dargah: Haji Ali Dargah is a famous historic mosque in Mumbai, built in 1431. It is an architectural marvel of amalgamation of Indian Muslim architectural styles which resembles Taj Mahal. A very famous religious site in Mumbai.

Balunath Temple: In Mumbai, Balunath Temple is the most ancient temple built in the 12th century. This temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva but it was isolated and abandoned. Later in the 1800s this temple was restored.

Siddivinayak Temple: Siddivinayak Temple in Mumbai is a famous temple. Every day a large number of people visit this temple. For Hindus, this temple is the best place to seek peaceful atmosphere.

Mount Mary Church: A famous church in Mumbai at the top of a small hill in Bandra. Mount Mary Church is also an ancient church which was remodeled for so many times. However, a serene place for Christians.

These are the some of the famous religious sites in Mumbai you can visit which makes your soul and heart pure. Also make the Deccan Odyssey train booking online and do not miss any attraction.

Other tourist attractions:

Other tourist attractions to see in Mumbai are Museums, beaches, markets, national parks etc a lot. However never miss the Elephant caves in Mumbai.

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