What we do not like about group travels a lot? You do not have enough free time to visit certain

places you want, you receive limited information, and of course, you wait for the other group

members to enter events or museums. Mazurkas Travel proposes personalized services while

you travel. We think the individual approach to each traveler is especially important when you

have the cultural goal of your travel and want to plunge into the world of Art.

There is a simple answer to why we want to see other cultures – everything we learn can be

cognized in comparison with something else. Meeting other cultures, we understand our own

better. It is based on the feature of our brain to react first of all on distinctions. By comparing, we

understand anymore. In most of the cases, interest in stranger cultures leads to the interest in the

culture of the country we live that can be explained with psychological reasons: we grow up on

local fairy-tales, live according to with norms and laws accepted in society, we use local

language for conversation. Additionally, culture learning through traveling helps us to get more

knowledge about the whole world.

Poland that is located in the core of Europe east and western traditions of many nationalities are

combined and presented. Getting to know with great artworks you realize that all the time Polish

artists call to the roots, defending freedom and independence in their works. Our company

invites you to enjoy your cultural travel by using our personalized services. You will find below

more detailed information about our proposition.

Polish music

Polish music is one of the most ancient Slavic musical cultures. The earliest mentions

the existence of music are dated as VII century – exactly to this time a whistle and

wreckages behave the flutes found on the territory of Poland at archaeological excavations. At

the end of 30th of the XVII, century opera begins in Poland to develop. For example, Francesca

Caccini created an opera of “La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina”  for king Vladislaw,

the premier appeared in Warsaw in 1628. Nowadays opera theaters are very popular, especially

among tourists. Mazurkas travels have a unique personalized offer for you. Come to Poland to

hear old opera piece of music in living. Touch the culture and feel you are living many years


Our team of professionals developed VIP packages for an opera house that you can book via the

companycompany. You have fast entrance and the opportunity to see the backstage. By entering

to the place that is not accessible for usual visitors you can know the magic world of creating

great performances. Our expert guides will tell you theater secrets that you even could not

imagine. How the orchestra pit looks like from the inside, where the artists prepare themselves

for the stage, how does it feel being on a stage in front of hundreds of viewers?

Festivals in Poland

The festival life in Poland develops rapidly and attracts more and more tourists each

year. Fest fans are attracted by the low price in comparison with other European countries, high

quality of the organization of events, top performers that come as guests. If you come to Poland

in spring you may visit the festival of classical music in Lancut, a festival of modern music in

Poznan, a festival of organ music and song festival in Krakow. Summer in Poland is also full of

great festivals in cities Zakopane that is located in mountains, Gdansk on the Sea, Opole, Sopot,

and Wroclaw.

Mazurkas Travel organizes VIP tours to festivals that will open for you the world of fun and

music. Packages include tickets, accommodation, and other individual services. What is more,

you will have a unique chance to meet local and international artists. You will be able to ask

questions you want and make a photo.